Thursday, July 31, 2014

March part 1

 Those moments that you imagine living as a mother before you have kids....yeah, this was one of them, playing out right before my eyes. Though I never played baseball, nor was my family a big baseball watching family, I still always imagined having a son some day that would play baseball. Or at least try out tball. So watching this boy suite up in those ADORABLE little baseball pants, put on his cap and sit there from the dugout smiling over at mom it certainly felt like living a dream!
Kellen is a good little ball player. His confidence has grown so much this year, as have his skills. He works hard and seems to enjoy himself out there. I think that baseball is a really good fit for him. It is not too aggressive and not a lot of contact. He does a good job handling the pressure of being up to bat. He still doesn't want to practice a ton at home, but then again he is 5 and I am not ready to push him too much. I enjoy seeing him try it out and develop some skills and decide what he likes and doesn't like. 
 Kellen and Joseph....BFF
 This girl loves her Grammy and we Always love her surprise stop by visits!
 Church with a toddler is no fun! Not until they are nursery age at least. I feel like for a few months straight this is pretty much all I do....stand her while Carys test the maximum water capacity of her belly. This girl and drinking fountains are going to be the death of me!
 The kids were So excited when they found out that Uncle Bob and Aunt April were going to be coming to town. We looked at pictures from when Makenna and Kellen were little and had been at their wedding. They were so cute talking about how anxious they were to have them in San Diego. While they were here we got to spend time hanging out and also went with them to dinner a local mexican restaurant that has guys that walk around playing guitars and singing to the guest, which the kids always get a big kick out of!

 We loved seeing Uncle Bob and Aunt April. We already look forward to seeing them again in the future! We also really appreciated the great things they brought for the kids....the armed forces action figures and the remote control hummer. All the kids loved them, especially the boys. So much fun!

 EVERY time we see a gorgeous sunset, we think of Papa sending some love down to us. No one appreciated the beauty of the earth than Papa did/does!
 One of the things that I totally love about our church is the experiences that our kids are able to have at church. One of those experiences is the opportunity to sing, talk, perform in front of others. I always felt at an advantage giving school presentations because I was used to getting up in front of people at church all the time. Makenna was assigned a talk and this was the first time that she wrote the talk All on her Own! Yes, you can tell a 7 year old wrote it. But you can also tell it came right from her heart and that it represents in her heart what she knows to be true. 
 Conner finishing his tball season and getting his high five and his medal!
 Our kids are not the type to climb into bed with mom and dad too often. Yes, it happens occasionally. But compared to what other mommy and daddy friends talk about, I feel like it really doesn't happen all that much for us. Because of this, I sometimes can't hep but climb in my kids bed with them...just to watch them sleep and get to cuddle and see their cute, peaceful faces. Because really, there is not much sweeter to watching than your sleeping child. 
 Mustache day at the kids school. Kellen was feeling a little shy at first about showing up to school with his mustache, so I gave mom one also so he wouldn't feel so strange. I'm grateful he actually thinks it is cool to walk around with his mom with matching mustaches. I know it won't stay this way forever so I will take it while it lasts. 
 A boy and his legos is nothing but pure happiness. 
 Got this adorable outfit as a hand me down from our neighbor. Could it be any cuter!! Love these two to pieces and I love love love watching them together.
 Another St. Patricks day at the McKameys! The kids helped me find bait at the store....all candy and food that was the color of the rainbow to entice the little leprechauns to our home. I love watching the kids design, decorate and put together their trap. They are so thoughtful and methodical about it. This year they wanted to put little pretend candles in the trap to light up the bait so the leprechaun could see it. They are so adorable!
 Before and after. The trap is always good at drawing the leprechauns if only we could trap one!

 Mom late at night while the kids are sleeping. Yep, I don't spend my time doing laundry or dishes or catching up on computer business or moping or making kids lunches. I just take selfies on the computer all night long. Or maybe I have always hated that there were never a lot of pics of my mom when I was younger and I am ensuring my kids don't have that same problem.
Every. Single. Morning....these three snuggle together. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So Cal Rocks!

I Love where we live. I love being so close to so many amazing, fun places to go with our kids. We have had zoo passes for our family since Makenna could walk. And in those many, many years our kids have asked over and over again When they could EVER get their face painted. Well, the day finally came. And they thought it was the most amazing thing ever. I have to agree, they were pretty awesome!
 Such cute kids, it kills me!

 Conner was finally brave enough to hold and feed one of the birds on his own! Yay Conner! Maybe it was all that tiger energy that gave him the courage. And Makenna, well, she it totally at home with the birds. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to sneak one home under her shirt. 

Oh Disneyland....our dear, good friend!
 This time we got SUPER lucky and it was even More the Happiest Place On Earth because our Grammy got to come with us! How can it get better than that?!
 The cutest little mouse I know.

 Seeing that Conner is the king of costumes and likes nothing more than to dress as Jake and the Neverland Pirates, it seemed appropriate to get him a peter pan hat so he could be Peter Pan too. He was So, so, so happy. And the cutest part was that as soon as he put the hat on he kept walking around, pretending to hold his sword in the air, trying his hardest to be the Real Peter Pan!

Action photo while riding space mountain. Really though, I love the guys in front of us Way more than us. So stinkin funny...we were all cracking up!

Monday, July 28, 2014

 I feel so lucky to have been given this sweet girl, especially as my oldest. She is blossoming into such an incredible big sister! She Loves her little brothers and sister to pieces and is Loves to be the big sister to help them out, encourage them, be in charge. During Conner's tball games she was such a Huge help. She would take Carys over to the t's, help her put helmets off and on, help her hit the ball, teach her what to do. She Loved being Conners little cheerleader and would be excited to give him high fives and hugs when he would run into home base. She makes me so proud and is such an sweet, amazing big sister.
A letter that Makenna wrote to Abby for one of her homework assignments. Totally made me laugh. Her question: "Do you like the person you are engaged to?" Ha ha! I LOVE kids!
 When Kellen was working on his project for the 100th day of school, Makenna of course wanted to join in the fun and make something for herself for school too. So this is the one she settled on. "I survived 100 days!" with 100 band aids on her shirt. Let me tell you, unwrapping 100 band aids takes longer than you would think it would!
 Every year at Fletcher Hills they have a "Me and My Guy" dance. This year felt like a great year for Daddy and Makenna to go together. Makenna was so excited! We picked out a dress. Got her new shoes. Got her a new hair pretty. She got all dressed up, we even put on some mascara, lip gloss and perfume. She looked so adorable. And she was so excited to come out of her room all dressed up of room. It was the sweetest thing. Watching Daddy tell her how beautiful she was. Seeing her blush and smile. It is the kind of stuff that makes a mama's heart completely melt!

One of those "I guess I am doing something right as a mom" moments: I saw this little book that Makenna made. Makenna's Favorite Friends. I open up the book and who is on the very first page! You know it! Big mama! Love my girl. 

Not So "Baby Carys"

 This cutie patootie is getting way too big. She thinks she is big, she tries to act big, she wants to be big like her big brothers and sister. I keep telling myself she is still my baby. And though she Is my "baby" she is not really looking very babyish these days. 
 It took Carys awhile to decide she liked swings. For the longest time she just wanted to climb the ladder, go down the slide, repeat, repeat, repeat! But finally around 16 months old she realized the glory of the swing and fell in love. Cute girl rockin her shades. And bomb!
 My baby that loves babies! YAY!!!
 Someone had enough hair to sport some pig tails. And boy did she look cute in them. This look always makes me think of a little who from whoville. I have also never known a little girl this age that LOVES her hair being done as much as Carys does. She loves getting pretties put in her hair. Which I appreciate, seeing that Makenna grumbles with me just telling her to brush her hair, let alone do something with it.

 With cute pigtails comes some crazy bed head! Peek-a-boo!

 Learning to smile for the camera. 
 Well, this girl is a climber. That's two in a row that love to climb and explore. I actually think Carys is even more of a climber than Conner was, which feels hard to believe. I was in the kitchen prepping dinner when all of the sudden I hear Carys yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!" (yes, she calls me Mom, not mama. I never got mama from her...straight to mom...I got cheated!) She was yelling upset or scared...just kind of matter of factly looking for me. So I go in the boys room and this is how I find her. I Still don't know exactly how she got up and in there. This is In the boys closet and is about the 3rd shelf up. Crazy girl!
 Carys gets intense with the headbands. 
Trying hard to be like big brother Conner. She doesn't really have to try to hard because she pretty much looks exactly like him! (In a girly way of course!)