Sunday, June 14, 2015

September Summed Up

 This handsome boy totally adjusted to Kindergarten great. If anything he was slightly bored because so much of it was review for him! But he has done a fantastic job being a leader int he class and is really loving it!
 The kids discovered the game LIFE. I remember this game when I was a kid and I was obsessed with it! The kids pretty much felt the same way. Mostly they were focused on having as many babies as possible. And once Conner was married and full of babies all he wanted to do was drive around. But they loved it. Playing with 3 kids under 8 makes the game last a LONG time. But I love every second of it!
 Carys has Friends! It is so weird to see her old enough to have real friends! She LOVES Aubrey and Elise! She constantly asks to have them over. She is in heaven every minute she is with them. She calls them her best friends and they really are just that.
 We don't get summer storms here all that often. But we got one and it was amazing! It was a nice, perfectly warm day. We got home from school and it started to POUR! One drop quickly turned into TONS and they were coming down hard and fast. All 5 of us ran and jumped and sang and caught rain drops in our mouth. It was amazing. It was one of those "this moment is so fun and perfect it is almost surreal" kind moments. Honestly, I think I will remember it forever.
 Conner and his buddy Rawson have become two little peas in a pod. They LOVE each other so much and get along great. Their personalities really balance each other out so good. Love these two boys.
 It was "dress like a pirate and get free donuts" day at Krispy Kreme. And no one says no to free donuts in this family. So these boys dressed up and got some good pirate attitude and they both scored their Own dozen donuts. I think this is a day these kids will look forward to every year. 
 Kelen had his All About Me parade. It was absolutely adorable watching the kids march around and sing about how special and loved they are. It is one of my favorite kinder moments. I love this boy to pieces. He will always be my little mamas boy.

 This picture makes my heart melt.
 Todd and I were able to go out and saw PAUL McCARTNEY in concert! And of course he was absolutely nothing less than amazing! I love both of those men!
 Makenna had a great Soccer team this year. And she really dominated as one of the leaders and best players on her team. She is a goalie to be reckoned with. It still amazes me how much she loves to play goalie. To me it just seems scary and intimidating. But she does so good. She is also an awesome forward. She is fast and aggressive and is so good at anticipating the ball. I hope she continues to love soccer because she really has a lot of natural instincts and can be Sooooo good if she sticks with it! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Special Day

 This sweet girl turned 8 in August and then the first Saturday in September, the 6th, she had the opportunity to be baptized. She was so excited about this special day for her. And was very ready. She has such a sweet spirit and such a pure love for her Father in Heaven. She is an example to me of faith in her savior Jesus Christ. She knows it to be true in her heart and doesn't question or waver. I am so proud of her and the maturity and growth I have seen in her. I am glad to know that this is a choice that she has been able to make for herself, with her own testimony and her own desire. 
What a beautiful girl, all dresses in white!
 I know that we were all excited and also just so happy for her and being able to be there with her to watch her take this step in life. 

 Makenna LOVES Sister Woidka. She has been someone she has adored since she was a sunbeam. Her face lights up every time she sees her and I know that Sister Woidka has gotten a lot of very big, very intense hugs from Makenna each and every Sunday. We were lucky to have her be able to give a brief talk before her baptism!
Makenna got the opportunity to have her uncle Ding baptize her. It was special for all of us because it was the first tine we were able to see Ding baptize someone. And Makenna and David has always had such a special and close relationship. I know she loves and adores him and I know he has a special place in his heart for her too! After her baptism Pa confirmed her and gave her a very sweet blessing. I am so grateful that she as such wonderful men in her life that love and adore her!