Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sneak Preview

Just a little taste of Halloween.....More to come soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Todd

I am just in love with these pictures of Conner. And I think he looks Soooo much like his
Daddy here!

The overalls Conner is wearing were once his Daddy's and/or his Uncle Bob's. Grandma and Grandpa had sent them to us to let another generation of McKamey's run around in them. I just think he is absolutely adorable and the sentiment is so sweet.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Goons!

Conner is nuts, and Kellen has fallen in love with it. He thinks Conner is hilarious (which he is) and totally encourages his crazy behavior. Conner loves climbing in Kellen's shopping cart and then Kellen just cracks up and pushes him around the house laughing. It's cute....
Kellen and Peter. Good little buddies. The thing I love most about this is that they are only a few months apart in age and they both have the same cheesey face smile right now. Funny!
Dollar Store special! The kids both picked out this while Knight get up a few days ago. They came home all excited to "battle" and then within just a few minutes of getting in the backyard to let the duel begin Makenna abandoned her shield, helmet and sword and decided she should be the Princess and Kellen and I could fight over her. That's more like it!
Oh, Con!
Is he not a little stud?!
I just love these handsome boys. Could I be any luckier?

Makenna and Kellen have this new "thing/game" they like to play where they pretend to be statues and pose in silly ways. Then I am supposed to walk around pretending like I am in a museum and am taking pictures of them. Silly kids. I thought I might as well snap a few real pictures while I could. They just make me laugh!

Bye-bye Baba. I have finally taken the bottle away, and surprisingly it went Really, Really smoothly. Almost unnoticed other than one or two tantrums. He was just so darn cute with his bottle, and I guess in a lot of ways I become more and more of a pushover with each kid we have. But he's a big boy now and Mama needs to accept that as well. The other cute thing right now is that Conner is sort of calling his blankies his nigh-nights. It's Soooo cute, I hope it sticks!
This was a real fun moment for both the kids and I. When I was little I used to love taking our big tin of hair pretties and brushing my moms hair and putting clips and barrettes and pony tails everywhere. And the other night I got to be on the mom end of it while Kellen and Kenna made me beautiful. It was sweet and fun, though I did lose a fair bit of hair while the clips were being taken out. Still way worth it.

You turn your back for a moment and this boy is on the table stealing someones juice box. That's the Con!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happinees is Being 3!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kellen! 3 years ago we were blessed with a small piece of heaven. You continue to be a blessing to us every moment of every day. And such a handsome, good looking one at that!

I've known people that really know how to appreciate and cherish and soak up a good holiday or celebration. The people that are decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The ones that have home decor for every season and holiday of the year. And I applaud those people for their passion.
But I think Kellen just blows those people out of the water. This kid LIVES for things such as his Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc. No joke! Not even exaggerating, he has been having us sing Christmas songs to him as we tuck him in bed EVERY night since Christmas season last year. Every Night! And he we are, practically right back at Christmas again. He's going to be the man that has a garage FULL of decorations and who has cars taking the long route home just to drive past his house on Holidays. Or maybe he won't be, but if he is then I won't be one bit surprised.
So for Kellen, his Birthday celebration was nothing to be taken lightly. Especially since he is the last of the children in the family to have a birthday this year. He has been waiting and planning patiently, counting down the months until he birthday. The first time we were out at a store and he saw that Halloween decorations were on the shelves he just about lost it, because he knows that his birthday is just before Halloween. And we all remember just how slow time goes when you are a kid and you are waiting for something. So Kellen's birthday was a big deal for all of us...his excitement is just contagious!
When Kellen woke up on his Birthday he was greeted by a table full of presents! A very loved and lucky boy!
That morning he has preschool, which he was actually thrilled about. He brought cupcakes and goody bags to everyone in class, got to make a crown for him to wear at school, was the special helper, etc. It was a very exciting experience for him. Makenna and I picked him up that afternoon with a bunch of birthday balloons and headed off to Taco Bell for lunch (Kellen's favorite place to eat!)
That afternoon we spent a few hours at Funbelieveable. We stayed until both Mommy and all the kids were ready to drop. Except Makenna, she probably could have stayed longer....but who can ever exhaust that one?? ;)
That night we went to Ruby's diner for dinner. Kellen soaked up being the center of attention while they sang to him and brought him a sundae.
When we got home it was time for the birthday chair and more cake and singing!
I swear Kellen blew his own candles out, though it looks like Sissy was giving a strong assist.
He opened all his presents while Makenna, in a very oldest sibling manner, choreographed and ran the whole event.
Kellen scored big with a lot of great Lightning McQueen toys, a tent, remote control cars, books, candy, peanuts, etc. I don't think there was a happier 3 year old in all the world that night. He was just the cutest and sweetest thing.
...And then came the party....but we will save that for a post of it's own.

And for record keeping sake, Kellen's 3 year check up went great. Healthy as a horse and right on track. He checked in at 35lbs (85%) and 39 inches (85%).

Happy Birthday Kellen. We love you with all our hearts!