Monday, December 29, 2008

Boy Oh Boy

I know that people are expecting me to be posting Christmas pictures right now. I promise you, those are coming very soon.
But first I wanted to just post a handful of random pics. I enjoy the posts about the day to day stuff more than the special events sometimes. This is the real life us. And it has been awhile since I posted one of those. So maybe this is more for me than you, but hey, it is my blog and I can do what I want :) Here you go...
I was finally brave enough to try finger painting. And it went really well. We loved it....though a shower was a necessity afterward.
Here is Kellen in his "big boy chair" as Makenna calls it. He just looks so darn big...what a handsome guy.
I love that she can be a goofball with her mama.
Dada and the little man hanging out.
Makenna is in love with this snowman. She drags him all over the house. This picture was taken at her request.
Making forts and tunnels around the house. We go a little stir crazy on rainy days, so we do what we need to in order to keep us occupied and out of trouble. We even got Daddy to try and fit in the tunnel!!
Lovin the baby boy. He loves to be sitting up these days!
There are many proud moments in a parents life. But this is high on the charts for me. I believe in letting your children choose what they enjoy and what hobbies to pursue. And Makenna has found a love for Basketball! A child after her mothers heart.
Sure, I encourage this love, but it started with her. She started pointing out any and EVERY basketball hoop we saw while driving ("look mama, basketball!") Then she asked to sleep with her mini basketball. Now she says "I LOVE Basketball!" all the time. So of course she got a hoop for Christmas. And she loves it.
Look at that follow through, too. She is a natural!
By the way, I have been afraid to say it and jinx things, but Makenna has done it! I think I can officially call her potty trained! She is in panties all the time and now and not having accidents. She is loving using the big potty, and Mommy is THRILLED to be only changing one set of diapers! Life is good :)!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Photos

We got some photos taken of our family recently. Some of them turned out great! So of course I have to share. I just love my family! I thank the lord every day for having them in my life. I am so blessed...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, the many faces

I have been trying, and trying, and trying to get a really good picture of Makenna and Kellen together. Just one where they are both making a nice face and looking at the camera. Doesn't sound too difficult, right? Ha! I am up to challenges, but this one is kicking my but.
However, I have gotten some really funny and cute ones in the process. The other night Kellen was in a great mood, smiling and cooing like crazy. Kenna was wanting to hold him, so I thought to myself "this is the moment...this will be it!"
I will just let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

I Love this picture because Kellen is totally looking at Makenna and smiling while she is goofing off....too cute.

My Child The GIANT

So, I figured that mine and Todd's children would be vertically endowed, seeing as their Daddy is such a tall man. But I had no idea just How Quickly this little one would grow!
Kellen is 9 1/2 weeks old, and for over a week now he has fit into 6 month clothing. We went to the doctor last week for his 8 week check up. This little man checked in at 13lbs 15oz and 25in long! He is in the 90th percentile for weight and he is off the charts for height!. I just can't believe how fast he is growing. It is nice to know that he is a healthy and strong boy. It makes me feel like I must make miracle milk, since the kid is growing so fast :) But it is also a bit sad at times. I saw a newborn baby on t.v. today and got all teary eyed. My baby boy is growing up so quick. But like I said, I am happy he is healthy.
But Dang! This little boy is going to be tall. All I know is he better put his height to good use...I will have this kid on the basketball courts as soon as he can carry himself on two legs :)