Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Catch Up...I swear there is a good reason I am so behind

Life really doesn't slow down. You think it will (or at least you hope it will) and somehow it just manages to get busier and busier. And my babies just keep getting older and older. I really try to cherish all the moments, all the laughs, all the time together. I know that life is nuts right now and having such a young family can be a handful and loud and crazy. But I also feel like I am in the midst of what I will look back on as some of the happiest, most fun, love filled days of my life. I am so in love with my family and my kiddos. And I love each and every memory we make...the big ones and the small alike.
My boys at the wild animal park....looking very active, dirty and boyish....which they are!

Kellen and Brooke are so cute together. I think Kellen really likes having a girl younger than him that he feels like he can help and be the leader of and play with. The older they get the better and better they get along.
These two are such peas in a pod. Really! Though very different in many ways, Makenna and Conner have a certain energy about them, a certain life and vigor in their ways that really compliments one another. They just really get each other really well. Maybe it's what comes with the blond, blue eyed gene...I don't know. But I am glad they have each silly goons!
The end of Makenna's school year has brought with it a lot of projects. One of the things she had to do for school a month or two back was memorize a poem, create a prop and act it out and recite it in front of the class. I immediately thought of a poem by Shel Silverstine that I did when I was a kid young in elementary school called "Boa Constrictor". She memorized it really quickly and with a lot of help from Grammy we made her a huge boa constrictor as a prop. The poem is about someone being eaten by a boa constrictor, so as she recited it she moved the snake up her body, pretending to be swallowed. She was very shy about performing it in front of family and at home, but when she got up in front of her class she took one deep breath and did the whole thing perfectly! It was a very proud mommy moment. It just makes you feel good as a parent watching your child have a positive experience and succeed.

On the 100th day of school the kids were supposed to come dressed like a "100 year old person". So we put Makenna's hair in a bun, sprayed her hair grey, and she looked adorable!

The 101st day of school....self explanatory
Of course Con has to participate in the fun!
An activity you can easily catch the kids in these days - Makenna plays the role of the teacher and Kellen and Conner are the students she reads to and teaches. It's cute....though I think what is boils down to is Makenna liking the shift in power and getting play the dominant role :)
Makenna and Katie....such great friends. Making a poster for a parade they put on at the house
Kellen and Brooke working on their parade posters as well
Brooke was put in charge of the parade music...
Katie lead the parade and pulled Makenna in the "float"....
Kellen wanted to ride his bike in his mouse costume and carry his banner

This is what was responsible for inspiring the at home parade - the annual circle preschool patriotic parade
How could you not vote for such a cute president! Dream big Kellen (though I am not much for the idea of having a child in politics...but shoot for the moon!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moments Caught on The Phone

In this new generation of smart phones, I find my phone to be used more and more often as my out and about camera. I don't necessarily like this, because the pictures are not as great. But at least I get to capture moments and silly things that perhaps I would not otherwise get to capture. Since I am so behind in my posts I figure this is a good way to start off with my catching up...
The cashiers at the costco food court always look at me like I am crazy when I order each of these kids their own slice of pizza....the slices are HUGE! But if there is anything my kids will eat a lot of then it is pizza...and they love their pizza from costco!
Is this boy not adorable? I was used to seeing this image growing up, but it was usually a cat in the clean laundry, not a toddler. This is much better....doesn't leave hair behind. He saw his "nigh night" in the basket and just couldn't resist getting in there and right at it!

These are probably the cutest valentines I have it!
On the 101st day of school we were supposed to send our kids to school dressed as a dalmatian, which Makenna loved! Any excuse to dress up like an animal is a great one for Makenna, and these days dalmatians top the list of favorites. I thought she was adorable!

We have recently gotten a lot of bonding and visiting time with Brookie down here. It is fun getting to see Kellen and Brooke have some alone time when Makenna is at school and see how much the age gap between these two is closing. They are only 9 months apart. They can play so quietly and nicely together!

Con Loves his Daddy and is always looking to have as much Daddy time as he can when he is home. I love seeing my handsome boys together.
Isn't baby Kipper just adorable! I love this little boy and love that I have gotten to have more time recently with him to get to know him even more. He is such a sweetie....though I think he is going to mature into being a lot like his cousin Conner...Into EVERYTHING!
Conner really is growing and becoming quite a big boy these days. And he is adopting a very big boy attitude as well. He has decided he is really for big boy style swinging and also loves to run and swing on his belly.

Handsome boy post hair cut!
These two have a bit of a love/hate relationship, but in the last week or so I have been seeing a lot more Love in there! Maybe the age gap is starting to close and they are realizing they can be good play mates instead of just bugging each other all the time. They need to figure it out because they will most likely be sharing a room sooner rather than later.
Kenna and Kara taking a hard earned ice cream break at the end of a long week of Kindergarten.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

...One of those nice moments....

This afternoon was really good for Makenna and I just wanted to record down a couple of things before I forgot them.....These few moments that, as a parent, let you know you are doing something right and what you are trying so hard to teach Is sinking in...

Makenna and Kellen were outside playing. Kellen hurt his foot trying to climb on top of the dog house. Makenna walks him over to the table and sits him down and says "Kellen, do you know what I do when I get hurt? I pray to God and tell him I am hurt so that he will help me feel better."

Later that evening we were cleaning up the toys before leaving Grammy's house. Makenna was very obviously going above and beyond and having a big smile while cleaning. I told her thank you so much for being such a good helper and working so hard at cleaning up. She then says "Mom, do you know why I am cleaning and helping you so much?" I asked her why. She says "Because I am trying to be like Jesus. I know that makes him happy and you happy, right mom?"

Love her. Love the Lord. Love seeing my children love the Lord!