Saturday, October 13, 2012

ABC's and 123's...

Preschool year number 2! It's sometimes strange to look at my boy and see him suddenly looking so big. It is strange taking your babe to another year of preschool. They know the routine now. They know what to anticipate and look forward to. Kellen was quick to get out his backpack, find something to bring for sharking, help me pick out his snacks for the day. He knew exactly what he was doing and was very excited about it. It's a little bit sad seeing him act so big and so comfortable being so independent. But it also makes me so proud to see him growing up and maturing and having the confidence to take things on on his own. Where has the little baby that would cling to my leg at the park gone?
 Such a handsome boy. He really melts my heart....such good looks! He was cute and wanted to make sure to take a picture next to our nice flowers. Not the best lighting, but sweet all the same.

 Once we got to school a few nerves did come out. But he was quick to settle in to his new class and his new teacher, Mrs. Silva. He needed a number of hugs before I could leave, but no tears. Every day when I bring him to school and drop him off he always grabs on to me and tells me that he does not want me to leave and gives me a very cute, pathetic look. But after a couple of kisses and hugs and promises that I will be back soon he lets me go. And when I turn around to look back at him, he is always off playing and busy doing something within seconds. Maybe he just says this to make sure I know he needs me still ;)
 After his first day of school I let Kellen pick where he wanted us to go for lunch before we had to grab Makenna from school. Last year it was Taco Bell. This year it was Wendys...chicken nuggets with ranch, apples, fries and a chocolate frosty. These silly glasses came in his kids meal. Is he not a mini Harry Potter here? So cute.
What a little stud muffin....even in ridiculous glasses! He sure misses his big brother when he is gone at school, but it is also nice getting to have some special Conner/Mommy time. Love my boys!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

 Conner is such a funny little kid. I just love this little boy so much. Even if he is a wild man and you never know what he is getting in to if you turn your back on him for more than a few minutes. He does always keep me laughing, and that counts for something huge! Conner Loves to help feed Bella. And a lot of times this is what I find when I look outside when he brings her the food. He doesn't just set the bowl on the ground, he holds it until she eats the whole thing. Such a sweetie.
 If you have spent much time at all around little Conner then you know how much this child loves "money". Every morning this little kid makes sure he has 2 coins (sometimes 3 if he can sneak an extra one) and he will carry these coins around with him pretty much all day long. He loves to have his "mimi" as he calls it. This has been going on for Months! I can't say exactly where or how it started. But it has truly become a part of who he is. Do I see a future in finances?
 On labor day our family decided to try and do something out of the ordinary and fun. Labor day is mildly frustrating for me. It is normally a very nice, warm, sunny summer day where kids don't have school and people have off of work. But it is too hot to go to a park or do most things outside without water, but the beaches are INSANELY packed, as are places like the zoo or sea world. So we decided to go up to the mountains and visit the observatory in Palomar. It was a pretty drive and the kids really enjoyed it. They always love feeling like we are in the "forest". It was a warm day, but it was not too hot to enjoy walking around a bit, going inside the observatory and collecting some acorns outside with the kids. It was just nice to spend the day together as a family and having the chance to do something new and different. 

It's been nice having some time with just Mom and the boys while Makenna is at school. It's sometimes strange to be out with just the two of them and feel like people look at me as the "boy mom" while my wild men run around playing super heroes and catching bad guys and just being boys. It is fun to see Kellen and Conner closing the age gap with each other and having fun being brothers together. Kellen is definitely getting bigger and braver and more mature. He was very proud of himself the other day for being able to cross the swinging pendulums on his own at the park. Of course Conner watched him once or twice and then attempted it on his own as well. Amazingly he was almost able to do the whole thing on his own as well. They younger ones learn quick that they have to work hard to keep up with the older siblings. 

 I am so happy that our family decided to get sea world passes this year. We have already been able to go a few times as a family, and the kids and I have gone a few other times as well. The kids are at great ages to go there and have really had a lot of fun every trip we have taken. Normally Kellen is brave and excited to go on the big ride there (he is just barely tall enough for it), but on our last trip he was unexpectedly nervous about it and decided to forgo the ride. 
 Daddy and Kenna decided to ride it together. Though Kellen's nerves wore off on her a bit, she still had fun and gave a big thumbs up at the bottom of the water slide. 
 Love my boys. Notice my mans beard??? Keep an eye on just keeps getting bigger and better! I never thought I would love a hairy man....
 Daddy and Kenna getting ready for ride #2
 Makenna has taken to carrying around one of my purses with her while we go out places. She is so funny and it makes her look so big and grown up to me! I don't know exactly what she carries in it- I think she has a compact mirror, a paper fan, lip gloss, a hair brush and who knows what else. It's quite cute. I like seeing this girly side of her come out.

 After our sea world trip we hit up the corvette diner for dinner. The kids love that place, and so do us grown ups. Always a fun place to go and a very happy, lively, laid back atmosphere. 
 Love my man....don't love my swollen, pregnant face ;)
 Makenna got the royal treatment and had a waitress that was cool enough to do the straw hairdo for her. Makenna was in absolute heaven. She even tried to go to sleep with the straws in her hair before she realized that she was not able to get comfortable and asked me to take them out. Such a cutie. though....and looking so grown up!
 Conner had to be just like his big brother and got a spider man balloon as well. Both boys were so cute with their balloons. Kellen wanted to know why he couldn't get straws in his hair too. 

Dad, Dad, He's the Man!

We Love our Daddy! When he comes home he brings with him a feeling of love, excitement and completeness. We are all so lucky to be blessed to have him: as a Daddy, a husband and a friend.
We had a fun time celebrating Daddy's birthday as a family. The kids were so excited to give him cake and presents and sing to him and celebrate with him.

Daddy was sweet and let everyone participate in blowing out the candles on him yummy luscious lemon cake! And it was a good thing he had some help....trick candles take a lot of blowing to put out. The kids got a total kick out of seeing the candles re-light over and over again and Daddy was lucky enough to have the chance to make A LOT of birthday wishes.
Happy Birthday Daddy. We love you so much and are so grateful to have you and for all that you do for us.