Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Who's the Hottest 4 year old on the block?

On July 17, 2010 our family was blessed with a cute, blond haired, blue eyed, 7 1/2 pound bundle....and we had no idea what we were in for :)
Conner may very well be one of the funniest, silliest, most energetic and loud people I have known. He is brave and daring and adventurous as they come. He was climbing tables and scaling countertops as soon as he could walk, and he hasn't stopped since!
Conner also give the best hugs EVER! His tiny little body just melts right into you. I have never know such a sweet, affectionate, cuddly little guy. He will reach out to stroke his sisters hair while she watches cartoons, just because he can't help himself. If you sit on the couch you are sure to find this little head in your lap within seconds. Though he may seem all rough and tumble, he is incredibly sensitive and easily affected. He has a heart of gold and makes my days happier, brighter and better just by being in them. I can't imagine my world without this sweet boy. We love our Con to pieces!
 Birthday's around the McKamey household go a little something like this....you wake up to find your room covered in balloons and decorations up around the house.
 All your birthday gifts and cards are spread out on the table for you to admire all day while you anxiously wait to be able to open.
 The birthday child gets to pick our activities, treats and meals for the day. Conner chose to swim (no great surprise), wanted a push pop for the afternoon and then off to lazy dog for dinner. Before going to dinner we let him open one present....dress up and weaponry for the orange ninja turtle! 
 Next, Dad had a little surprise up his sleeve...
 Build-A-Bear!!! The other big kids had had their chance last year, so it was rightfully Conner's turn. At first it looked as though he was going to go for a ninja turtle...
 But the turtle was ditched for a cute, classic black bear! (good choice Con!)
 Conner stuffed him with stuffing, did a cute little rhyme while giving him a heart, checked to make sure he was soft and cuddly enough, brushed him and dressed him. He was very attentive through the whole process and made sure not to rush anything!

 The end result....a very happy Conner boy with his birthday present Flame, the firefighting bear.

 Then it was home for cake and ice cream and presents!

 Conner was very specific about wanting rainbow confetti cupcakes with white frosting, so that is what we gave him. 

The next day Grammy and Pa came by to celebrate with the birthday boy as well. He was lucky enough to score a real Jedi robe from them for his birthday! Such a little stud!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Conner boy. We love you more than you will ever know and thank God every day for trusting us to be yours!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just fun in July

 Summer was already half way over, and knowing that the kids were going back to school in a month we wanted to have some fun family outings. One evening we went up to old poway and had a really good time having dinner at a cute restaurant there and then walking around and exploring the park. Hanging back and watching Daddy walking with all the kids, see all the people that make up this beautiful world of mine, just melts my heart! And this sweet brown eyed boy always knows how to make his mama smile!

 Even if I told you that this boy could spend All day long out back riding anything that has wheels, you still might not fully appreciate Just how much he loves riding ANYTHING! And he is good at it too! But seriously, first thing in the morning he wants to be outside. And he will ride and ride and ride. He is such a cute boy and such great athlete!
 Carys is quickly learning that if you have 2 big brothers then you have to learn how to hang with them and keep up with the big boy games!
 Bubblicious baby! I have a picture of Makenna almost exactly like this when she was this age. Love my sweet blue eyed baby to pieces!!
 Well, we've got it good being able to inherit Grammy's works tickets when they don't have anyone to go to the game. This time we wanted to take Makenna, since she missed it the time before. Kellen got to spend the evening with his best bud Joseph and Carys played with Grammy, so it worked out happy for everyone. Knowing that Kellen had gotten a game ball the last time we went, Makenna was Dead Set on getting a ball of her own this time! Shortly into the game some people behind us gave Conner a ball that they caught. He was in absolute heaven and was so happy to have one of his own. Makenna handled it well, but didn't give up trying herself! I kept telling her her chances were incredibly slim! I have been trying to get a ball my whole life and never have, and here Both of our boys had had nice people give them balls. Well, I took Conner to the bathroom and came back, and guess who had a ball of her own?!!! Apparently one of the players had thrown a ball to the crowd and then everyone had heckled the guy to give the ball to "the little girl", aka Makenna. I guess she was super embarrassed but obviously Sooooo happy too! What lucky kids!

 I sometimes feel bad that I don't make it to the park with Carys and Conner as often as I used to with Makenna and Kellen, but I get there as often as I can with them. I Love being at the park with the kids. It is something I still vividly remember doing with my mom....having her take us to the park in the evening or on Sunday afternoons, pushing us on the swings and letting us explore. I love it! And I love making those memories with my littles. 

 These two boys...best friends, sometimes worst enemies, often times partners in crime!
 With Grammy at the Stake Pioneer Day activity. It was a lot of fun. Pony rides, silly pictures, the kids got the make dolls and cook woof 'ems, they really had a great time and were super cute there. It is fun having the kids big enough to go to these types of events and run around playing with their friends and getting involved in the activities and having fun. 

Our picture from the Pioneer activity turned out Awesome! I don't think Anyone would mess with this gang!!
 I can't say it enough what a wonderful big sister Makenna is! Seriously, she LOVES to help out with Carys. She wants to hold her hand, carry her, walk with her, teach her, sit by her at dinner, play with her, I am constantly blown away by how mature she feels when she helps me out. I got Soooo used to having her around during the summer, it made me dread the idea of summer ever coming to an end. My work load with Carys is just so much lighter when Makenna is around, and I am so incredibly grateful for that. I am so proud of the loving girl she is growing into being. And the sweet part is that Carys adores her too! There are times I am chopped liver compared to her sissy. (Carys says Sissy as "Iss"....It is super cute and I will be sad when she learns to say it the right way).
And dear sweet Kellen learned the art of the photo bomb!
 And Makenna is not just a baby lover, but an animal lover through and through. Very much like her mama!
Night time zoo trip with the worlds best Daddy!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rexburg Finale!

Sarah was bound and determined to give us a full and complete taste of Idaho during our time visiting. And she made sure to do just that. One day we took the cars out to the middle of nowhere with the quad and Kip took turns taking all the kids (and me) out on a ride. They all loved it so much! And while one kid took a turn the other kids got to explore and catch crickets and play. I love watching my kids be kids and watching them have fun and discover things together. It is so neat!
And I Love my sister! So lucky to have her as my forever best friend!

I'll be honest, guns just scare me. I don't have a lot of experience with them and handling them makes me nervous. But shooting this gun of Kips was really neat and exciting. And felt like a right to passage. And I have to say, I look pretty good doing it too!

Makenna could have stayed and caught crickets all day!
Grammy was Super cute and decided to have a little Grammy carnival in the back with the kids one day. She had all sorts of little games for them to play and things for them to do. They absolutely loved it! They were all so excited and enthusiastic about it all. Such lucky kids!

Later on that day the big kids got to decorate cupcakes for our "cousin birthday party" we had. We figured that since almost all the kids birthday are in the summer or the beginning of fall, it would be fun to let them celebrate all together and exchange gifts so we could actually watch them open their presents up. The kids loved it and I think it is going to be a new tradition for our Summer get together!
Singing Happy Birthday to everyone and letting them blow their candle out. We did it the right way!

Gorgeous Sunsets in Idaho!!
This little girl was In LOVE with baby Paige. She would have stayed by her side and held her every moment if she could have. Such a sweet heart and big baby lover right here!
Most of my favorite girls in the whole world!
All good things must come to an end. And after an exhausting and incredible time with the Robinsons it was time to head home. It was hard to leave and yes, many of us cried saying good bye. But it was a great trip and was filled with memories that will last forever! The trip back home was a bit more tiresome than the trip up there. We were all worn out, ready to get home, anxious to be done driving. There were high highs and low lows on the drive. The biggest highlight was our celebrity spotting in St George at Cafe Rio where we ran into Mitt Romney and his wife! Makenna didn't even know it but she was waiting for the restroom right next to him. He even said hi to her! 

You do what you have to do to stay entertained in the car for this long with a kid that couldn't care less about watching movies. 
A beautiful sight to come home to. As much fun as we had on our trip, there is not place like home.