Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not Giving Up Yet

I  keep thinking I should just stop the recapping and trying to catch up and just pick up from the current events. But I just can't! Not yet! I am not quite a year behind, and until I am I am bound and determined to catch up. 
Back in October 2014 Sarah and her kiddos took a last minute trip here during "Potato Harvest" in Idaho. Seriously. Their kids get a week of off school so the whole town, state, whatever it is can focus on harvesting potatoes. I love it!
All of us crazies at Greek Chicken for Dinner. Somehow this has become our first meeting place as soon as they get here. 
A day at the beach! I love that in October it is still totally beach weather!

I love these cousins and how much they love each other!

Makenna was in heaven getting to help take care of little baby Paige! Such a sweet little baby! And I have loved seeing how much Makenna has become a little mommy the older she gets!
Probably one of my favorite pictures from their trip here. I love all these girls so much!
The boys being boys! 
When you take the McKamey and Robinson kids to the park this is what you see when you look over. No joke. Sarah and I were just chatting and then we look over at the kids and here they all are....not sitting and riding as you would think kids would, but all of them standing and rocking and laughing out loud. I love our crazy bunch!
It is hard being far from my sis and having her have babies without me. It makes me sad that every time I see Paige, she has grown and changed so much! Even if it is only a couple of months. Its hard to not get to be there as the every day Aunt the way I thought I was going to be. But I just hope the fun times and the trips we have together will be memories that will stay with them forever!