Friday, May 9, 2014

Medals, Moms and Other Stuff

 Makenna finished another season of soccer. She got a lot of time and experience as goalie and got a lot better at it by the end. She and her friend Gwyn got to play on the same team, which made it a lot of fun for both of them!
 This year Christmas seemed to come quickly. More quickly than years passed (it seems to work that way, doesn't it!). But we made sure to get out tree nice and early into the month. I LOVE picking out our tree, putting it up, decorating it. Everything about it makes me smile!

 The kids always get so excited over who gets to put up the star. This year we let Carys take part in it, since it was her first Christmas as a baby somewhat aware of what was happening. Then big sister Makenna finished up the job for her. 
 This happened to us. For the first time, which all things considered is pretty impressive in my opinion. I think within 36 hours everyone in the family was affected in one way or another. So sad. Not fun. Hope it doesn't happen again for another 7 years.
 This face makes me melt.
 So does this. What a sweetheart. That boy can fall asleep anywhere, seriously! And who can resist a cuddly santa! He carried this Santa around the house with him for days. It was awesome. I think he has learned his adoration for Santa from his big brother Kellen.
Me and my little love after his Preschool Christmas program. Cutest Angel Ever!
 This pic is probably in my top 10 favs ever!
Kellen finished his season of tball at the sportsplex. He finished saying he was excited to do it again. He learned a lot and got a lot better in just a few weeks. And enjoyed every minute of it being next to his bff Joseph the whole way.

 And then Big Mama turned 30! I was spoiled with love, gifts, roses (one of my favorite bouquets ever...loved the multi-colored roses!) and ice cream cake! So many people don't like turning 30. And though I don't like the grey hairs that have appeared in the last year, as well as the slowing metabolism and wrinkles beginning to appear, I sort of think that turning 30 is an age where you gain some credibility. Like becoming a real, full fledged adult. I swear the years in your 20's are like your initiation years. Now I am an official member. 

 The luckiest mama ever. Love my kiddos to pieces!
 Carys is a great helper. She loves to wash hair in the bath. When she sees you pull out the baby soap she gets all excited and quickly extends a hand, asking for soap so she can help lather everyone up!
 For my birthday festivities we have a few of our favorite families and my brother and parents come with us to dinner at Corvette Diner. It was such a fun night. Lots of kids and lots of noise. But the perfect birthday for a 30 year old mama of 4. Both Makenna and I got awesome straw hair! (My first time!) I feel so lucky to have such great friends with such great kids!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 I was seeing this cute face a lot for awhile. Any time Carys wanted to be picked up she would run and find her blanky and then come stand at my feet, beg to be picked up holding up her blanket. It's half cute, half....well, it's pretty cute! (until she pulls on your leg while you're putting on mascara)
 I LOVE my little Brookie! 
 While the Grandkids were all here, we "tried" to get a good group picture of them all with Grammy and Pa. This is the best we did, which all things considered isn't all that bad.
 Another phase Carys went through...collecting ALL the stuffed animals and bringing them to someone. That girl loves her babies and stuffies.
 While Rah Rah and the kiddos were here, we wanted to spend time doing some fun Christmas things to get in the holiday spirit. Christmas trees out of ice cream cones and green frosting. The kids LOVED it. And I imagine had a serious belly ache when it was all said and done.

 Me and the big girls snuck away for a bit one day to go get their hair cut. Makenna finally decided she wanted to try a shorter hair style, mostly to avoid so many tangles and make it easier to brush. 
 The sweet hair stylist let these curious girls try out the hair drier. I love the things that enthrall little kids! They were so excited. (Even if they had to stand to actually reach it)
I think this girl can pull off shorter hair quite well. Such a doll. Cute both ways!

 Kellen rockin' his new spider man pj's!
 Kellen's art from school. I just though this one was really cute!

 Conner and Murray have become really good little buddies. Murray is such a sweet boy. The kind of kid you HOPE your kid ends up with as a best friend. So I am more than happy to facilitate lots of play dates for them. Even if we have to have them at costco sometimes. It was actually a really fun trip, in a silly way. 

 You would think picking out a christmas tree was like pulling teeth based on Conners face. I swear they had fun doing it!
 Carys and her first sucker (I think)
The kind of stuff that makes you cry and smile at the same time. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When this boy finds something he likes, he embraces it with both arms wide open and loves "it" and ONLY "it"....until of course he finds something new. Needless to say, I took many trips to the grocery store, or target, or to pick up Makenna and Kellen from school alongside this awesome ninja turtle!
Our sweet Aunt Stephanie! She always gets these kids to cutest holiday goodies. These ornaments were one of the favorites among our gang this year. They came with dry erase pens and the kids could write what they wanted for christmas on them. They would write, and re-write and draw pictures....over and over and over. Love it!

Well, Conner survived his first soccer season. And by survived I very much mean survived. He hated going every saturday. He would do great during warm ups and drills. But then as soon as the game would start, he wanted to be done. Every game there were tears. Each game the tears were less and less. And if nothing else I think Conner learned the importance of finishing something and being part of a team. He is a good soccer player and its a shame he didn't really love it. But he is also just a little boy still. And in the end he got an ice cream cup and a medal that he was Soooooo proud of! 
Love that happy face!
Watching your little ones sleep. It just melts your heart.
The kids got invited to a birthday party at the Boardwalk for their buddy Brett. The place has been around since I was a kid (in fact, I had a birthday there when I was a kid!) But it is still pleasing the little kids! They had a blast and are begging to go back!

Right before Thanksgiving Conner was in the circle preschool "pow-wow". Since I was busy taking video, and Grammy was taking care of Carys, Makenna was left to take pictures. Which means I got about 1 that was not totally blurry (though I greatly appreciate her effort). You get the gist of how cute he is!
Grammy and the Con. So lucky to get to have her come and enjoy these special times with us. 
Back at Disney! This time (taking advantage of the fact that we have passes and can come back often) we left Carys with Grammy for the day and got to enjoy a day at Disney with the bigger kids. Though we missed our baby sister, it was also fun to get to move at a quicker pace and focus our time on the big kid stuff. 

This little cutie got to take me on a drive on the bumper cars. He took his job quite seriously!

I know it's cheesy, but it really is one of the happiest places!
At the end of November we were able to spend time with Brookie and Kipper and Rah Rah, who unfortunately had to come down due to a family tragedy with their Grandpa Robinson. The kids though soaked up the time together! 

I LOVE how protective Makenna is of Brooke, and how Brooke becomes so submissive with Makenna. It is a cute/funny relationship these girls have. 
I just LOVE this picture!

Kids crack me up! Makenna and Kellen were having battles making lists like this before Christmas time. Kellen would make his list and put Makenna on the bad list and vice versa. Silly kiddos.
At Chuck E Cheese enjoying their reward for filling up their "good behavior" jar with warm fuzzies!