Sunday, March 30, 2014

October Strikes Back

 Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little Pumpkin Carys! Mom had a total blast planning this party. I was going for "cute pumpkin patch, halloween". I figure that if I have a baby with a birthday so close to halloween that I should appreciate it and have fun with it while I am the one getting to pick the themes. Though it was a lot of work (and I won't be doing it again like that for a LONG time) it turned out really cute. 
 So grateful this baby girl came into our lives. She is truly a dream come true!
 Grammy and Pa with their little baby Carys.
 The kids got to make crafts at the craft table (thanks to Aunt Stephanie for all the fun halloween crafts! Always a big hit!)

 Carys seemed to have a pretty good sweet tooth! So I had BIG expectations from this girl when it came to her birthday cake.
 She started off slow and steady....a lick here, a taste there....
 And then she completely stalled. I always Love watching the big kids standing around staring a the baby, thinking "Why aren't you just sticking your entire face it that thing?!! It's CAKE!!!"
 Despite attempts from her older siblings to get her to try some icing, she resisted all temptation.
 This pretty much sums it up.
 The bounce house however was a huge hit for this crazy girl! She was not intimidated by the big kids jumping and doing flips and being crazy at all. She wanted to be right there in the thick of it.

I seriously can't express how grateful we all are to have had this sweet little girl join our family. She is adored by her older brothers who I know will look out for this little girl. She has an older sister who LOVES to take care of her and look out for her. They are so lucky that they will have each other and have the chance to have a sister. I pray it is the kind of relationship I am lucky enough to have with my sister. She is a joy to her father and I. I see the way her daddy's eyes light up when she welcomes him home with a big hug and gives him big kisses every night. She really is such a sweet and special little girl. I feel honored to be her mama.

A few things about Carys at 1 year old:
-Started walking around 11 months old. About 1 1/2 weeks later she figured out how to climb Up the slide to get to the top of the playset. 
-LOVES to go down slides. Not at big on swings.
-Taking 2 good naps a day. But still waking up around 3am every night and then back up around 6:30. 
-Loves to eat mac and cheese, just like her big brother Kellen. Will squeal with delight when she sees the blue box!
-Loves dogs. Has the cutest little barking noise she makes when she sees one. Will happily chase toby around the house, hugging and laying on him every chance she gets.
-Already likes playing with dolls and putting on jewelry.
-Has 1 tooth (bottom left). Hoping to see more soon but glad to know they are in there!
-Weight 20lbs 6oz   Height 29 3/4 inches
-Waves high and bye, claps, gives kisses
-Not saying too many words but definitely has Very good comprehension. Very observant. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Return of October

If you are not building up a good arsenal of blackmail photos of your kids when they are older, then you are not doing your job as a mother to its fullest. These two certainly have no lack of silliness. A good sense of a humor is a healthy thing!

 All my babies have been babies that love to swing. But not this girl. Sure, she enjoys the swing. But her real passion is sliding. This girl LOVES going down the slide. The minute she hits the bottom the starts signing "more" and heads right back for the ladder. And with a smile like that, how can you not give her what she wants?!
 The kiddos had an october break from school and we took the opportunity to go visit Daddy at work. The kids always Love seeing where Dad spends his days. Getting to sit at his desk, spin in his chair, check out his pictures and be amazed by his cool office supplies. Plus, they know Daddy's job is all top secret, which they think is pretty impressive! WE love our Dad!
 These boys will love this when they are teenagers. What little stud muffins!
 Carys is probably also my biggest book loving baby. She's quick to find a book and then seek out a lap to sit in as quick as she can. 

 Playing games at Grammy's house on Sunday. Carys was quick to pick up on the concept of the game and insisted upon having card on her head at all times. Makenna and Conner got antsy fast, but Kellen stuck in out with Mom and Grammy!

 During the kids break we also spend a day as a family at the wild animal park. The kids love it here! I wish I had started bringing them here more often years ago. It is really a fun place, much less crowded and lots to see and do. For Makenna getting to hold the birds is definitely the highlight. Even Kellen has started to really embrace it. He used to be a bit freaked out by it, but now he loves it. Daddy chooses to stay outside. Silly Daddy. 

 My Heart!

I used to think that Carys reminded me the most of Kellen (in personality). That is until she learned to climb up the whole slide and get to the top of the playset on her own when she was note even quite a year old. Now she reminds me more of Conner. Wish me luck!