Monday, June 23, 2008

...And Growing...

Here it is folks! The belly has certainly made some good progress in the last 4 weeks.
Things are going really well. I am feeling pretty good and mostly enjoying being pregnant right now. I have still been fairly comfortable and not feeling too huge yet. Though the last week or so I have started noticing it is harder and harder to bend over, getting tenis shoes on is a bit more of a challenge, Tums have become one of my favorite afternoon and evening snacks, and I am feeling much warmer all the time.
Next week will mark the third trimester. The nursery is coming along quite well, and we are eager to see our little boy in just 3 more months!


Here are a few pics of how Makenna and I have been spending our days lately.We got a Sea World season pass recently, and she and I both love going to there. They just re-opened the children's play area, and Makenna was content to hang out in the area where the small kids could run and jump around the whole time. The kid loves, and I mean LOVES to jump ("jumpy, jumpy" as she would say).

Makenna has taken a liking to putting on Daddy's shoes and walking around the house in them. It looks absolutely adorable, since his shoes are HUGE on her. It's even better when she gets them on the wrong feet. Already walking in her Daddy's footsteps. Also, one of Makenna's favorite sayings right now is "YAY DADA!" I don't know what got her saying it, but she says it all the time, whether or not he is around. It is too cute.
If you are looking for a cheap way to entertain a kid on a hot day without going to the pool, just give them a bucket of water in the back yard with some plastic cups. It kept Makenna entertained for about an hour until I brought her in for a nap. It has been about 100 degrees all week here, and every time we go outside Makenna says "really, really hot". And boy is she right!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


They say that pregnancy cravings are intense....and let me tell you, they are!!
If you have never had Cafe Rio, then I am sorry. We are hoping and praying that they open one in San Diego some day. If you have had it, then that should mean you understand how AMAZING it is!! Mix Cafe Rio's deliciousness with 5+ years of not having eaten it and through in pregnancy, and you get one CRAZY INTENSE craving! (Seriously, I wanted Cafe Rio so bad that I would get teary eyed thinking about joke)
So, Todd had this week off of work. And we decided that it would be a good way to spend a day driving to and from Vegas (the closest Cafe Rio location to San Diego). At first it seemed like a joke, but we really did it. Sarah and David (my brother and sister) went with us too. They were good entertainment for Makenna and share in the Cafe Rio passion.
We got up there around noon, had lunch, walked down the strip for a few hours, went back to Cafe Rio for dinner and then brought home burritos to eat the next day. It was everything I dreamt it would be!
It was quite hot walking through Vegas when it was 108 degrees, but it was well worth it! I think Kellen appreciated it too....he kicked like crazy after each meal! That's my boy!
Makenna loved her Cafe Rio too! My kids sure know how to make me proud!
Isn't my man amazing for driving his pregnant wife all the way to Vegas to satisfy her?!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cupcake Craze!

Makenna and I were stuck indoors most of the day on Tuesday, and we desperately needed something to keep the darling toddler busy and occupied with so that she wouldn't continue to find her own unique ways of entertaining herself (ex: climbing on counter tops, emptying the box of tissue, putting any number of things in the potty, etc...)
So, Mommy and Makenna thought it would be a good idea to make cupcakes.
It was the first time I have really let Makenna go to town all by herself while "helping" me make/cook something. I set her up with her own little frosting station and let her do as she pleased. She actually tried to frost the cupcakes, which amazed me. Yes, the chocolate did get in her mouth about as much, if not more, than it got on the cupcakes themselves. Much of the chocolate also made it onto darling Makenna's body. I had to hose her down in the shower once it was all said and done. But it was a blast!
Nice chocolate smear right down the body. Let them be little, right?
See why we needed a shower after all of this?
Makenna's cupcakes that she did All on her Own! Not too shabby!


It has been awhile since I put up a picture of Miss Bella Dog, and seeing as she is part of the family, I felt a bit bad that she has not gotten her Blog time in. So here is our girl. She is already over 6 months old and is so much fun to have. She is doing so good now that she has been through obedience school. She absolutely loves Makenna and is so patient with her. Makenna adores her right back, though she also enjoy bossing her around. It is quite funny to see actually.
So there's our other little girl. I am even more happy now that we got a female dog so that the estrogen in the house will still be a little stronger than the testosterone once mister Kellen arrives on the scene.
This is how she likes to lay when she is sleeping in the house. I don't understand it any more than you do.