Monday, March 31, 2008

Potty Pals

I think we would all agree that going to the bathroom is a very personal thing. Though there are times that it must be done in public, sitting in a stall right next to someone, being in a restroom without a door on the stall, squatting in a bush on special occasions, no matter what, it is still one of the most personal things we do each and every day.
Ones relationship with a toilet, potty, lavatory, crapper, john, throne, whatever you call it, is a very special thing. No matter your gender or age, their is certain bond and trust that is built between a person and their potty.

This is the relationship building that is taking place in our home at the moment. Though Makenna is not quite ready to embrace the whole charade of potty training, she is working on that oh so important bond that is crucial to potty success.
And so far the potty has been well received. Makenna enjoys her potty very much. She sits on her potty while others go potty. She watches cartoons on her potty, reads on her potty, plays with her dolls on her potty, sits outside on the potty, even talks on the phone on her potty.
I am so proud of Makenna and feel that she is building a life long friendship that will greatly benefit her every day of her life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Growth From the Underbelly!

Here is your first look at the growing belly. Everyone says that baby number 2, 3, 8 etc. all tend to make you show a bit faster than baby number 1. All I know is I can still fit into all my jeans and keep them buttoned (though sitting in them can be a challenge at times). I feel like baby bean and belly are both right on track, so I am feeling pleased. The months to come should be more exciting!

Easter, Easter, Easter...

Easter at the McKamey household went off with a big success. The Easter bunny made a pit stop and hid baskets for Makenna and Dada to find....both were expert hunters and enjoyed the excitement of the search. Makenna got a little chicken that sings and does the chicken dance. It was love at first "peep"....Mommy and Daddy have been enjoying the new soundtrack to their lives, as we all walk around with that oh so lovely song in our heads.
Our family is very grateful for the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and for the chance we have to celebrate all he has done for us on this day.

Seriously, she is In Love with this chicken!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Bean Sighting

Yesterday afternoon at our doctors apt, we got to take another look at the baby via ultrasound. Our first ultrasound just showed us the heartbeat and some little alien looking growth in my belly. However, this time the baby actually looked like, well, A Baby! And a good looking baby if I say so myself.
The doctor said that everything is looking absolutely wonderful. The baby looks strong and healthy and is right on target developmentally. It is always comforting to hear that.
This picture shows the baby's head with his/her hand resting on the forehead. See it? This one can be a little more tricky. You usually need a translator for these pictures.
We Love Our Bean!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Need I Say More?

A peek at last week.

Makenna and I have had Great fun this last week, as always.
Here are just a few things that Mommy and Makenna enjoyed and learned how to do the past few days.

Makenna has decided that Daddy needs a biker chick. And she decided that biker chick should be her. We used to stop and sit on the motorcycle on our way to the car every day. But Makenna has now learned to climb up onto the bike herself. This is where I found her after setting her down for a few seconds to take the groceries out of the car. Dang cute!

Makenna's Grammy enjoys teaching her lots of new things. One of those things is how she can trace Makenna's hand onto paper, which was quite exciting to her.
This was the result when Makenna tried it on her own. Now her favorite thing to color is, well, herself. And every time she makes a line on her hand she shows it to me and says "Oh, No!"...because it was all just an accident mama...

This is what happens when you add stools to your breakfast bar.
At least it is motivating me to keep my counter a lot cleaner.

Blankie, aka "Boom Boom", has recently been introduced to the backyard. Makenna seems to feel that since it is warmer and she is allowed to play outside a lot more, that her "boom boom" she be given a bit of outside time as well. I fought it at first, but stopped and said to myself, let her be little. It's a blankie...they are meant to get covered in dirt and grass and stains and who knows what else.

Big time lover of slides. Plus, it is one of the few places Bella can't reach her, and Makenna seems to get quite a kick out of standing up there and teasing the dog. It is good for both of them.

The New Hairdos!

In the midst of getting married, going on a honeymoon, coming back and moving Makenna and I into the house, adjusting to marriage and parenthood, buying a car, getting a dog, finding out we are expecting another baby, getting rid of the dog, getting another dog, working on Todd legally adopting Makenna and doing home repairs, Todd and I both felt like things were getting a bit monotonous and we needed something new in our lives...
So we both got new hair styles.
Sometimes you just need to spice up your life a little, right?
So here we are....looking quite Hot if I say so myself!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10 Weeks Prego- Bean Update

In case any of you are wondering how bean mckamey is coming along, here is the update. At 10 weeks our baby is actually starting to look like a baby. He/She is about 1 1/2 inches long. There is no longer a tail, and the fingers and toes are not webbed together anymore. The little bean is even starting to grow fingernails and toenails! So Cute!

I am really starting to feel Much better. Mornings and the majority of the afternoon go really well. But by about 4pm or so, after having chased a toddler around all day, I can almost always be found on the couch, next to Makenna, in comfy clothes eating some sort of fruit to fight off the nausea. My poor hubby :)

Honeymoon Highlights

Back in November, Todd and I took our Honeymoon to Hawaii. We stayed on Kauai for 7 days and Molokai for 3. If anyone is ever planning on going to Molokai, Do Not stay for more than a few days. The island is TINY. And even as honeymooners we had a hard time keeping ourselves entertained there :)
But it was an amazing trip and Oh so much fun. Here are just a few of my favorite pics.

Doing what you are supposed to do in Hawaii...:)

Exploring the beaches

The Nepali Coast. Absolutely gorgeous!

Todd looking sexy in his ATV gear!

Me knowing it would be impossible to look sexy, so playing silly instead :)