Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To My Ladies!

I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to have two of my bestest friends be my mommy and my sissy. I am a mama's girl and I am proud of it. And my sister and I have a connection with each other that goes beyond what words can describe. The three of us are bonded in a way that is unlike anything I have known or seen. We have always been there for each other. We have always had each other to rely on and turn to. We are able to understand one another from the inside out.
These two ladies have been my rocks through so much. I can't imagine myself or my life without one of them in it. They mean so much to me and I love them more than they could ever know. Thank you Mom and Sarah for being there for me. For knowing and understanding me the way that you do. For being patient and accepting of me through everything. For loving me so much. For being wonderful to me and for bringing that same love and joy into the lives of my children. I see their faces light up when they see their Grammy and their Rah Rah. And it feels good to know that my little ones get to have a piece of that love in their lives as well.
I love you both so much. Thank you for being the best friends anyone could ever ask for.
I love you Ladies!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This one's for you

Life has not been ultra crazy these days. Well, we have been busy. But nothing really out of the ordinary. But it feels like it has been awhile since I put something up. I don't have any really new pics, but here are a few from a little bit ago that I hadn't gotten around to posting....I want to make sure my blog followers have something new to see :)

Makenna loves, I mean LOVES helping out in the kitchen. And she is actually really good at doing it too. She looks like such a big girl here!Enjoying the fruits of her labors in the kitchen. My kid doesn't mess around with eating the cake, she goes straight for the icing!I set Kellen in Makenna's bed for a moment while I went to take her potty and he passed out in seconds. Poor little guy. I just thought he looked so cute!Grammy and Makenna feeding the duckies....very brave duckies at that! Doesn't he look like a little bull dog with those cheeks? Love it! Our family reading books before nigh night time. I know I look worn out...I am :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tons of Fun!

I just love my big, chubby little guy. His rolls and his belly are just so much fun to love and cuddle and kiss. And he loves to show his belly here you go ladies! Ain't he somthin'?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just one of the many reasons....

Why I love my children so darn much! I LOVE being able to goof off with my kiddos and spend time every day being silly and childlike together. It is so fun and keeps life so entertaining. I love all of the laughter in our home, all the smiles that we share and exchange every day. I love that we don't take each other too seriously and that we can be dorks and have a good time together. My little ones (yes, even Kellen already) are so hilarious and goofy. We have so much fun together! I am soooo lucky....I really am!

Are they not too cute together. They are totally buddies already! Kenna adores Kellen (she loves to share her toys with him!) and Kellen's face lights up whenever he sees his sissy. Makenna learning to wink....see! She can actually do it (sorta)
Who taught her this face?
Mama's boy!
My baby doll!
When he is out, he's out!
So many smiles!
I teach my daughter better manners than this...I swear. It was just the fun, successful way to get her to eat good that day. Mmmmm....tuna sandwich anyone?I had to play too. So did Kellen. I love his surprised look! The boy is having a love affair with his toes these day! He never lets them go!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kellen's Special Day

On Sunday, Feb 1st, Kellen was able to be blessed at Church. It was such a sweet and special day for the family. Kellen looked absolutely adorable in his little white blessing gown. And Todd looked handsome as can be that day as well :) It was a very special thing for Todd to be able to do for Kellen. He gave Kellen a very sweet blessing. It was very thoughtful and heartfelt. Kellen did wonderfully, even though he had been sick for days....he was a tough little guy and was in good spirits all day. Here are a few pictures from the day. Thank you to everyone that came! We loved having you there. And we love our little Kellen McKamey!
These are all the men that participated in the blessing.
Behold, Kellen Edward Walter McKamey!