Friday, April 19, 2013

4 Months

Our sweet little Carys! They just keep growing, even if you beg them not to. 
I get a little sad around 4 months. To me it seems to be when they Really leave behind their newborn days and are total "Baby" at that point. There is just no denying it anymore. And it seems from this point on there are Big changes that happen every single month...pretty much up until they are walking. 
Carys is just such a peaceful, gentle, content little girl. At 4 months old she was just starting to get herself on a daily schedule where there are predictable nap times and a more steady bed time. She is just the most cuddly thing....she really loves her snuggles. Because of that she gets a lot of time cuddling in bed throughout the night and still gets herself rocked to sleep. 
Carys was just starting to roll pretty well (or what I like to call rolling with a purpose or with actual intent). But even though she knows How to roll, she doesn't choose to do it a whole lot. She was grabbing onto toys and holding things really well. And also sitting pretty good in her bumbo.
 Stats at 4 months old-
Length: 24 1/2 inches
Weight: 14 lbs 10 oz

 Seriously, just look at those cheeks! Can we say chipmunk?

 Carys has many faces and I love very single one of them!

 This little face I just can't get enough of. I love the age when you are nursing them and love to stop mid meal just to look up at you and give you a big, gummy smile. There is something that just melts your heart the way a baby looks at you- like you are the most amazing thing they have ever seen and all they want in the world is you!
I don't think they make them any more beautiful!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This boys look seems to be changing so much these days. Seems like he is shedding more and more of that toddler innocence and looking like such a big boy. Certainly handsome as can be and melts my heart, just like he always has.
Yet another thing to make my already big boy look even bigger. Our cutie Kellen had to have another tooth pulled. They think that the second one must have received some trauma during the same fall that damaged the first tooth pulled. He is cute enough to be able to pull it off, but it certainly changes that little face of his. 
Playing at the zoo with Papa.
Well, Mom finally accepted the fact that Conner could benefit from a little more mature of a hair cut. I love Conners hair! I love how blond and soft and fine it is. It feels like silk when you run your fingers through it. But he is growing and changing and it just seemed like he could use a hair cut to better match him. So we took a bit more of the back and sides. It's still long, which keeps mommy happy. Love my crazy boy!
Such a sweet girl. Those cheeks are something else.....Chipmunk!
Kellen brought his stuffed rhino with him to the zoo and thought it a good idea to carry him around like this almost the whole day. Oh Kellen. He has so many ideas of his own and he is always so proud of his creativity. Yes, he looks so silly. But whatever makes him happy. After all, how many years can you really get away with cruising through the Zoo with a Rhino in your pants?
Little Carys, hanging out in the bumbo and getting So good at holding all her toys. 
For Valentines day Todd and I got one of the sweetest gifts. Makenna stayed the night at Grammy's house and Grammy taught her to sew. Makenna sewed these hearts All on her own. I was so proud of her and also so touched at the sweetness and the hard work. Way to go Makenna! You are a very talented little girl.
The Con. We are at the Dress-Up phase with Conner these days. And he loves to find any excuse to put a sword or a gun in his undies or pants. Love this boy!
First sewing and then using the stove. Makenna helped mommy make rice krispie treats and she melted the butter and marshmallows over the stove all on her own. She really is growing up.
Every year Circle Preschool has their annual patriotic parade. Kellen was supposed to wear red, white and blue and last minute we remembered we had red temporary hair color. So we sprayed his hair red and wore red, white and blue and Kellen was rockin' it at the parade!
Kellen and his good buddy Brett!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 This boy is getting so big and looks more grown up every day. Such a handsome little guy. And he totally doesn't even realize what a cutie he is! Love him!
 It was just a normal Sunday but I thought my kids looked soooo cute! I just love all those faces. Every night when I tuck Kellen in bed he likes me to ask him "What is my favorite thing in the world" and he says "Your Kids!" And he is right
 My cute girls....I still get a kick out of saying that...hehe :)
 I know Kellen is growing up when he is having big kid playdates all the sudden. I was shocked when Kellen said he was okay with a friend of his from preschool picking him up and bringing him to their house on his own after school one day. But he said he was comfortable with it and in fact Really wanted to do it. And he did! Where did my shy Mama's boy go? He and Brett have now become really good friends. And Brett has come home with us a number of times too. It is fun to see him getting older, making friends and learning to be independent. Makes me proud. the age of dress up!

The kiddos love to go "hiking" down the little home owners association trail that is right by our house. It is a nice way to get out, let the kids run and burn some energy and not have to worry about walking next to the street and cars. Plus, they think I am a cool mom taking them hiking. Just wait until they are older and figure out that they were getting ripped off!
 Ever the poser! Only she can make a stump look good!
Kellen and mans best friend.
 Such a cute little Con. Love those cheeks. love his dimple. Love his eyes. Love his hair. Love it all! And such a contagious smile that little boy has. 
 Conner had his first trip to the dentist (which for some reason he refers to as the tooth yet to figure out how he got that one mixed up). He was such a good boy! He went back all on his own and was cooperative and cavity free. And best of all, he got to take home his very own toothbrush and floss! You have never seen a kids so excited about floss! Seriously, the kid brought his floss everywhere for about a week...until it got lost. And just the other day (3 months later) he asked about where his floss had gone. Silly boy.
 Kellen...he does things his own way...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

3 Months....A 1/4 of a Year!!! Ugh!

It goes by way, way, too fast. That is all I have to say!
So yes, I blinked and suddenly I had this smiling, happy, interactive little baby girl in place of the little newborn that had just been placed in my arms so recently. 
At 3 months old Carys really started to change. This is the age that Pa says they begin to graduate from the "Blob" phase to an actual "baby". When he referred to my first baby as a blob I about cried and got angry. But now, on number 4, I laugh at him and understand what he is says. And though the "blob" phase is one of my very favorites, I do enjoy when they start to really interact, look you in the eye and light up with a smile just to see your face.
 At 3 months old Carys was really giving you that to die for, gummy smile! She wanted to laugh and you could hear it down inside her, just wanting to come out, but not quite making it yet! She was Close to rolling over. Had done it once or twice, but it was more of a "falling over" than an intentional roll. She was starting to play with toys and hold onto rattles and what not. 
 Her hair just keeps getting more and more blonde (with a touch of a strawberry color to it. Don't know if the strawberry blond will stay or if is just passing through this color on its way from brown to blond). And her eyes were Very, Very blue at this point. Obvious that they are going to stay blue. And yes, it still amazes me that I have 3/4 kids with blue eyes. Never would have guessed. 

 Carys has been just a touch spoiled and really preferred to sleep in my arms or in bed with me. On a rare occasion I could get her to sleep in her crib for awhile, but that usually required something soft and fluffy under her. And Conner should be Very proud of himself. After Always giving her her blanket that is like his, Any time he saw her without it, I think around this time she officially seemed to prefer that style blanket to anything else and needs one to sleep with. I just pray she doesn't suck on them like her brother. It is a nasty habit. We love you Conner. We do not love your stinky "nigh nights".
 Starting to take baths with big brothers and sister like a big baby!
 And such a happy, content little girl. Really, she hardly ever has anything to complain about. Except riding in the car. She does Not like the car (which is very unfortunate being #4 and being in the car A Lot!)

 She Does however Love her baby Bjorn and we use it for many things. At the stores, the park, on walks. Even to get chores and cooking done around the house when the crib and the swing are being rejected. 
We love you Carys and all your cuteness!

We Wish You A Papa Christmas

Life was a bit crazy towards the end of the year, with holidays and a new baby and everything. So we extended Christmas a little more and got to celebrate with Papa in January. And yes, we are wearing a tank top to the park in January to celebrate Christmas. I love San Diego.
 Papa and the kiddos.
 The kids Love going to the park with Papa because they know one thing is for sure... he will not be sitting on the sidelines watching them play. He is right there in the middle of the action right along with them. 
 Yes, Makenna surfs down the rolling slide standing up. I love seeing the looks on peoples faces when they watch the way she runs around and the things she is capable of doing on playgrounds.
 The boys being boys!

 Later that night after dinner Papa-Clause passed out presents to the kiddos. It is kind of fun to hold off some of the celebrating for a month! You get to relive the fun and excitement all over again. We had a great time with Papa and always enjoy the excitement and fun that he brings.