Monday, April 30, 2012

My Excuse....

(baby at 9 weeks)

And I think that this qualifies as a pretty darn good excuse...right? Yes, I have been very behind in the blogging world. But don't feel left out, because I have been very behind in pretty much everything involved in Amanda's world.
Being pregnant the 4th time around has been no walk in the park. And honestly this pregnancy, in terms of nausea and vomiting and what not, has not been as bad as the last two were. With Kellen and Conner I was much more sick, gaggy, and throwing up. This time around there has certainly been a lot of nausea and just that general "recovering from the flu" type of feeling. But more than anything, just trying to deal with the nausea and the exhaustion (OOOoooooohhhhh the EXHAUSTION!), all while keeping up with 3 VERY active and still pretty young children....well, let's just say it has been a humbling experience. 
But the children have been good to me. Makenna and Kellen quickly figured out that when Conner napped that meant mommy napped. One day while I was turning on the afternoon movie for M & K Makenna looks at me and says "It's okay mommy, we will relax. It's time for you to take your nap mom." What a sweetheart!
However, I am proud to say that we have come a great distance and I finally feel like I am getting some life and energy back in me. I have not napped for 3 days in a row and not felt like a zombie for it. That is HUGE! And now that I think of it, the nausea is really slipping away as well. Thank goodness for the second trimester! Gotta love it!

So onto more fun the beginning of March we spilled the news to my parents and the kids on the same night. Todd picked up a really cute cake and had them put #4 on it. After dinner we had everyone gather around the table and we unveiled the cake for them. It was fun to see the shocked looks on my parents faces, and the looks of confusion from the kiddos. Once we explained to them what #4 meant they quickly joined in the excitement. 

Baby #4 is due to arrive on (or around) October 31st. I think a Halloween due date is really quite cute. And I think being born on Halloween would be awesome! Though I know the chances of that are VERY slim. Still, it would be neat and will make for fun birthday parties no matter what. 

So that puts me just shy of 14 weeks right now. So far baby has been checking out with flying colors. The pictures below are from an ultrasound last week that was party of genetic screening they offered. The baby looks healthy as can be and is growing right on track. The last two ultrasound she/he has been kicking up a storm and looked very healthy and strong. Nothing more relieving than knowing your baby is well. 

I have to admit that I am feeling pretty strongly that "baby" is indeed a "she". Don't get me jaw will not drop and I will not pass out if another bouncing baby boy is on it's way to joining our family. Before I got pregnant I actually felt very convinced and very sure that we would be having a boy next. But my gut feeling the minute I saw that positive pregnancy test was that this was a girl. And that gut feeling has not gone away. And to support my gut feeling, my symptoms this pregnancy have been much more like my pregnancy with Makenna than with our boys. Time will tell. We will know by May 12th, which is less than 2 weeks away. I am excited and anxious to know who this baby is. And either way, boy or girl, I know I will be thrilled and I know it will feel right because I firmly believe that the child meant for our family is the child we will receive. And with that knowledge how could I ever feel bad :)

We love you little baby! I just KNOW you are going to be a key piece in our family!

 (baby at 13 weeks)