Sunday, October 26, 2014


One of the reasons I love my dear Husband as much as I do is because of the Incredible father he is to our children. I feel so blessed, for myself and for my kids, to have a father that loves and cherishes his kids as much as he does. I know that there are few things as important in this world to him than being a good father is. He loves those 4 little ones with all his heart. He works incredible hard to provide so much for all of us. He makes so many sacrifices for the well being of us all and so often puts us first. I know that being a Daddy has brought joy and fulfillment to his life in ways he could never have imagined. There is no one I would rather be on this journey through parenthood with than this guy!
I'm just sorry our kids couldn't take a better group picture. Some day all these silly kids will be grown and you will have perfectly posed pictures, and then we are going to miss the days of someone sticking their finger up there nose.

Each of the kids took their turn giving dad their special gifts they made him at school. They are always all so cute with how excited and proud they are to give us our gifts on Mother and Fathers day...I think because they know it is a complete surprise since they made it without us around. It's always very sweet to see those little handprints and funny reasons why Dad is the Best Dad Ever!
 Conner modeling the new hat we got for Dad....which turned out to be a fail because it was too small. A+ for effort though!
Kellen's gift for Dad...which he wrapped all on his own! He is quite the little elf.
 The big kids actually decided to hide their gifts for Dad and make him go on a little treasure hunt to find them. It was really cute and they were so impressed by themselves and their great idea. And Daddy was a good sport and really got into it!
Daddy and his girls. I am thinking Makenna is getting pretty big and perhaps next year might be the first "Breakfast in bed" year for Dad. We will see....
 Shortly after the kids got out of school we had some Very special visitors come to town. Grandma and Grandpa surprised us with Another visit to see us her! It was so nice getting to see them again so soon after having them here for Christmas. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. They were totally cute and all of them made posters to hold up for them when they arrived at the airport. 
 The boys spotted them first and went running for hugs. Makenna is old enough now to get a little shy about these kinds of things and so she was a little more reserved with her initial hello (though I really think she was probably one of the most anxious of all the kids!!) The boys were great little gentlemen and carried Grandma and Grandpa's luggage for them.
 It felt so good to have Grandma and Grandpa back here with us! And to have them here during the summer while all the kids were out of school the whole time was perfect as well!
 The girls!
Kellen and Conner made Grandma and Grandpa lots of cards. We also wanted to celebrate Grandpa's birthday while they were out here since it was so close to their trip!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So Much More Than A Trip!

It is crazy to think that Todd and I hadn't been alone together for more than 24 hours since our honeymoon. No Wonder this trip to Washington DC was Sooooooo amazing and felt Sooooo important!
 What also felt incredible important was getting to Ben's Chili Bowl for the most amazing Chili Dog ever! Dinner the first night....and it was AMAZING! Seriously! When people get excited about a chili dog and really talk it up, you don't think it can really live up to all the hype. Well, you are very wrong with that kind of thinking. I would almost fly to DC right now for another one. And that chili dog tastes even better with a handsome man next to you.
 All the famous people that visit Ben's take a picture with this bear. Seems only fitting that I not leave without my photo there too. 
 That night we walked over to the white house and got to see it at night. Absolutely beautiful and almost surreal to finally be standing in front of a building you have been seeing pictures of your whole life!
 Thanks to Todd's connections through SPAWAR we were able to get a tour inside the white house. Unfortunately you cannot take pictures inside. But I have to say it was an incredible experience to be inside and to just marvel at the history that you are standing right in the middle of.
 We stayed BUSY in our long weekend in DC. Somehow I swear we managed to see every important building there is We also had a tour inside the capital building. 

 There are more museums in DC than I could possibly handle going to back to back to back. But we hit the ones that were exciting for us. And of course we made sure to see the highlights like Lincoln's hat and the ruby slippers. 

 Selfies from the hotel room for the kids!
 I think my favorite thing we went to in DC was Arlington National Cemetery. There is something amazing, something very reverent, something incredible about seeing the sacrifice of so many to preserve our freedom and liberties. It is almost beyond comprehension. But this cemetery does give you some sense. 
 John F Kennedy's grave site.
 The changing of the Guard. So much respect! It was incredible!

 As many museums as there are in DC, there are close to (if not more?) memorials. But we saw pretty much (if not All) of those too! 

 It wouldn't be okay to go on a trip with Todd without indulging in some AMAZING food while we were there too! I love being married to a man that is committed to all the research it takes to find the hottest spots in town. I am spoiled beyond belief!
 And he will even take me to museums that he has no interest in himself, just to satisfy his wifey!
One of the last things we did was tour Fords Theater where Pres Lincoln was assassinated and the house across the street where they carried him and he ultimately passed away. Another one of favorite things on the trip. Once again, almost hard to comprehend the history you are standing right in the middle of when you are at these places! 

I left DC before Todd. Unfortunately he had to stay a few more days and work. But the time we had together was incredible. It felt so good to just be together....long enough to stop talking about the kids and the every day needs at home. Long enough to relax and unwind and remember what it feels like to be Todd and Amanda. To feel that Love for each other. To remember how much we love to really Be together. When he left me at the airport I felt ridiculous because I wanted to cry. I was sad to have our time gone. Sad to have such a special and important trip come to an end. And then to know he was sad too and to get a picture like this before boarding the plane....I think this picture here means more to me than I could ever express. I love this man with all my heart!