Friday, February 26, 2010

It seems like these days getting on the computer is just not my priority. I love to blog and always feel bad when it has been awhile in between posts, especially because I consider this very much a journal for the family. But it just seems that my free time is taken up by other priorities these days...struggling to keep the house in order and up and running, spending time with the kiddos, trying to get scrapbooking done napping when I feel it is necessary to my survival (which is quite often, though slowly improving).
This pregnancy has definitely gotten much better and easier in the last couple of weeks. I am confident enough to say out loud that the nausea has passed and the vomiting has come to an end. I still have my moments where my stomach gets upset at the sight or taste of certain foods, but it is nothing like it once was. I am still Very tired a lot. It has gotten much, much better. And they finally figured out that I am anemic and now that I have been on the iron for a little while I finally feel like I am getting more and more energy back. I can go days here and there without having to nap, which is so nice. I started feeling the baby move the day after our ultrasound, right about at 16 weeks. It is my favorite part of pregnancy hands down. I love feeling those little bumps and kicks. And it is so fun to feel them getting bigger and stronger as the baby grows. I am anxious for Todd and the kiddos to be able to feel his little kicks as well. We are still working on a name. I know, I am as anxious as you are to know. Hopefully soon.
Kenna becomes more and more girly every day it seems. She suddenly loves to wear "church dresses" every day. I don't know where this girl gets it because I most certainly am not the one instigating it. But she is still her little tomboy self as well. When I knew I was having a daughter I once said to Sarah "I want my daughter to be cute and girly, but also not afraid to get down and dirty. I want her to be running around in a dress with skinned knees to go with it." The other day I was on the phone with Sarah and the kids were playing outside and I had to go out and tell Makenna to "stop running through the mud with your princess shoes on. Get off the hillside! You are getting muddy!" Sarah stopped me and said "Did you just hear what you said? You totally got what you wanted in a daughter!" And she was right. I got exactly what I asked for....and I love it. We are having some struggles trying to diagnose why Makenna is anemic. She does not act at all like an anemic child. In fact, I can't imagine the child having more energy than she does! But according to her blood she is and so far everything she has been tested for is not helping us figure out what the cause is. It is a bit stressful and nerve racking for me, but I am trying to relax and not worry until I have real reason to.
Kellen is doing great. Every day he leaves the baby stage behind more and more and seems so much more toddler. He is such a little mimic and talks up a storm these days. He loves to use words and is always trying to say new things. He is a total whirlwind these days....always moving and constantly getting into something. I swear the kid never stops to rest. He is very much a "boy" the way people told me he would be....making a mess everywhere he goes. He is a bit mischevious right now and loves getting a reaction from mom and dad by playing with light switches, toilets, emptying drawers he is not supposed to be in, going after electric cords and outlets. He thinks "No!" is a very funny exhausts me. But it is just a phase and I remind myself of that every day. He is prone to a few temper tantrums a day, usually brought on by nothing at all and just happen out of the blue. I just ignore him and figure that if they get him no attention then eventually he will stop. He has 2 weeks left with his binky and then it is a gonner. I keep telling him to live it up while he can.

They still love each other so much and it makes me so happy to see!
Whenever I sleep I have to put something over my face while falling asleep. The other day I was cleaning the bedroom and Makenna kept saying "Mama, you be Kenna and I will be Mama" so I went along with it. When I came around the corner this is what I saw. I almost fell to the floor I was laughing so hard!

Bath time is totally one of my favorite times of the evening. I love bath time and so do the kids.

Kellen in the midst of one of his tantrums. He was Really mad after I took this picture! :)
It is a good thing that we are having another boy, because Kellen needs a little boy playmate. Kenna has so many little girl friends, and Kellen always just spends his time off doing his own boy thing. Such a silly little guy.
Kenna and the lamp girls...playing Princess and swinging all afternoon.
My little dancing queen.
Makenna becomes more and more mothering of Kellen the older she gets. Every night before bath time she likes to help Kellen get undressed. It is totally cute and Kellen loves it!
Poor little boy was sick with an ear infection and miserable all day long. I set him on the bed for a few minutes while I put away laundry and before I knew it he had passed out. So cute.
Kellen is already practicing being a big brother by playing with Kenna's baby dolls and and carrying them all around the house. It is very cute and sweet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy!!

That's right! Much to the majority of the family's utter shock and surprise, baby McKamey is now baby Boy McKamey. And trust me....there is no doubt about it. The ultrasound technician made sure to show us about 20 different times...from the bottom, the top, side angles...she left no question in everyones mind :)
We are all very excited to know we are having another boy. I have loved having a son and raising our little man. I am thrilled to have another little guy in the family...though I don't like Makennaand I becoming out numbered :) I am thrilled that Kellen is going to have a brother. The poor boy is just surrounded by a bunch of boisterous women right now. It will be good for him to have another manly influence in his life. And Makenna is well suited to be a big sister to boys. She loves her brother and will love this one just as much! And although she made sure to tell us all that she had wanted a girl, she has quickly adjusted and will tell anyone that it is a baby boy with much enthusiasm and excitement in her voice!
Most importantly he looked very healthy and strong. He is measuring right on date, has a strong steady heartbeat and was doing back flips all over the place. He is a very active little boy (as most boys are I guess).
Names are still a work in progress, but trust me, you will know as soon as I do :)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5....all toes accounted for.
Verification of him being a "him"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swing Park

Well, it is official. The "swing park" (as Makenna has named it) is 100% complete. Todd and I found and bought this used play set off of Craigslist a number of months ago. It only came with a very short bar that allowed for 1 swing attachment. So Todd and Pa built a swing arm all on their own to add to the play set. We bought the hardware and swings from the Rainbow store but everything else was done and assembled by these two studly men!
The kids Love their swing park. Having the swings has added much more entertainment. It is so nice to be able to go in our backyard and push both of them on the swings for as long as they want.
Way to go Pa and Daddy! You have made some very happy kids and a very happy mama.... anything that entertains the kids for a good length of time makes my life that much better!
Off course I pulled out my camera just as the kids were getting bored of swinging. But here they are enjoying it nonetheless.
It is both a blessing and a curse that Kellen can now climb to the top of the play set alone. I love not having to drag him up there myself, but I still don't trust that he wouldn't try to just walk right off the edge.