Monday, May 27, 2013

March - Part 2

 When I realized that I was Never having to trim Kellen's fingernails and they seemed to stay self manicured, I began being suspicious that my poor son was following in my footsteps and was a nail biter. And sure enough, in another day or two I caught him in the act. Hopefully something he grows out of. Poor little bug.
 Finally Carys started to embrace tummy time!
 If there is one thing that makes San Diego worth living in it is the weather. Here we were in March having nice enough weather to spend a day out at the spray ground. Really? How does it get any better than that?
 My cute super boys

 After much anticipation and Kellen counting down the days, St Patricks Day was just about here. So off we went to the store to get our boxes to make our traps. Kellen and Makenna got a big box. But Conner wanted a smaller box, hoping to catch a "baby leprechaun". Love that silly boy. 

 A trail of lucky charms cereal...
 Traps set with enticing goodies beneath....
 (Kellen had a baggy Full of things he had been saving for the leprechaun for about 4 months. He even had a special stick to prop his trap up with that he had been holding onto. That boy is just precious!) 
 ...Even baby leprechauns don't stand a chance!
 And yes, the leprechaun came...leaving footprints behind. 
He left maze of rainbow streamers, a BIG mess in the living room and must have used our restroom and perhaps couldn't reach to flush on his own. Silly leprechaun! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

March - Part 1

 Carys started rolling!! All the McKamey kids tend to be a little bit late rollers, so 4 1/2 months is about average for our standards. I love the look of surprise on their face when they first figure out how to roll. So cute! Don't like that this means she is getting bigger...
 Carys and Brooke. Brooke has such a sweet, special love for little Carys. Its something so tender.
 Yes, Paradise means having nice enough weather to go to the beach in March. It was a beautiful day. Warm enough for the kids to splash in the water even and have a great time. 
 My cute boys in their super hero gear. Little boys just make me smile. 

 I love Makenna. This girl just makes me laugh. Even when you are not looking this girl is always ready to put on a show. She is such a ham. Love her!
 Carys and Auntie Amber. All the ladies in this family love babies!
 Sometimes it feels like there is just so much love in my cute little family, it is overwhelming. I stop and look at my kids, I watch them grow and change. I watch them interact together. I feel their warm hugs and kisses. And I realize that this is my dream coming true...right before my eyes. 

 Conner and his tools....and his preference to wear sunglasses and goggles upside down. As I have said before....always making me laugh!
 Remember what I just said about my dreams coming true....those daddy/daughter moments. Precious.
 Sometimes I think I am obsessed with taking pictures. But the reality is that I am so afraid of forgetting the way that they looked...when they were sleeping, laughing, tired, angry, happy, hungry, smiling. I want to capture it all. Because to me those faces are perfect and there is nothing I would rather look at all day long.

Proof that Grammy rocks and that she went down the ridiculously huge slide and worked it! Yes, I have the best mom ever and my kids have the best Grammy. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

 Kellen is a kid with his own style and I love it! Rockin his silly jacket with "built in sunglasses". The silliest, sweetest boy!
 Mighty Makenna! I love that she thinks she is hot stuff! And, well, she sort of is...
It's hard to get a picture of Conner smiling and with his eyes open. So here is one of each. This boy gets me every time!
 Auntie Nana and Brooke taking a selfie. I just love this little girl to pieces! She is such a sweet thing. It felt Soooo good to see her again and make sure she hadn't completely changed in the months gone by.
 A perfect trip to the zoo!
 Little Kipper IS changing so much! He has turned into a regular little boy. And it is quite cute to see all the big boys hanging out together now. They are going to be trouble.

 Con wanted us both to pretend that the monkey was biting our hand off. Such a Conner thing to do. That boy keeps me laughing. 

 This is the best you get when you have this many little, tired kids at the zoo.