Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm A Big Kid!

It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital, still in shock from a VERY quick, intense, crazy delivery, staring at a little boy who totally surprised me. He looked nothing like what I expected. I was picturing a mini-Kellen, and all the sudden there I was holding this skinny, blond, blue eyed little boy. My relationship with Conner has not changed very much since then. I should have known it was just foreshadowing for his life to come. This little boy is intense, crazy and funny as can be. He still surprises me all the time and is practically his older brother's opposite. I am so grateful for his spunky, outgoing, lighthearted, silly personality. He brings so much life and fun into our family. He also brings an endless amount of love and affection. He is by far our most cuddly, huggy, kissy little boy. He is always happy to have a lap to sit in and still wants his mama to pick him up and hold him, even if he is 3. He loves to have me sit and rub or scratch his back when he is trying to fall asleep in bed. He still has his disgusting blankets (aka his nigh-nights) that he sucks on the corners of until they are good and wet and stinky, just the way he likes them. He is one of the most physically fit kids I know and has a knack for learning new skills right away. It's hard to imagine what life was like before our little Con. We love you Conner!!
 3 Years Old!
 Conner learned that if you wear a chic-fil-a shirt To chic-fil-a that you get a free ice cream cone or cookie. We were lucky enough to score 3 free shirts at a give away once when we were at chic-fil-a. So that is where this little boy picked to go for his birthday dinner...all 3 big kids sporting their chic-fil-a shirts with pride!
 The birthday boy in the birthday seat waiting for his cake!
 This boy and weapons....I don't think he believes there is such a thing a too many swords. Talk about being your stereotypical boy. Thats this kid!
 Happily sporting his Captain America tattoo that he got in his birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa, along with $3 for the big 3 year old!
 Mommy and Daddy surprised Con with one of the fun toys we saw at the fair this year!

 For Conner's party this year I let him pick a few friends of his to take with him to a place of his choice. He chose Funbelieveable which was perfect for all the kids he invited. It was our kids, Joseph and Aubrey, Peter and Carter and Brett and Elise. 

 After a few hours at funbelievable everyone came to our house for pizza, cake and a piñata. Con chose to have Power Ranger themed decor and piñata. 

 I can't remember ever having a piñata at a single birthday party of mine. Because of this I have ended up raising children that think EVERY party MUST have a piñata. Funny how we do that as parents. I wonder what things I am going to scar my children with....

 One of the things I love about Con is that when you go to take a picture of him you never know what you are going to get. 
Happy Birthday Conner Elijah! We love you Soooo much!

Monday, November 18, 2013

July part 2

July was a month full of many things! So hold on've got a lot to take in here...
 There is not a whole lot cuter than watching your boy rip off his shirt, put on his shoes, grab his lawn mower and head outside with Dad to tend to the yard. I love that both he and Kellen love to go outside and work with Dad. They may tire out pretty quickly, but I think it says great things that they admire what he does and enjoy being by his side doing it. Love these cute boys!
 Little miss Carys quickly realized that her new mobility meant that anywhere mom went, she could go also. Suddenly I have a buddy everywhere I turn. She especially enjoys helping to empty the dishwasher.
 This boy is always up for a new and exciting snack. I have never known a child to appreciate snacks more than this one right here.
 In McKamey children, crawling transitions to standing a little too quickly!
 Makenna and Kara. Two little peas in a pod. I hope this friendship of theirs lasts. They really are great for each other. 

 With just a few swimming lessons Kellen was very quickly floatie free this summer. From a boy who used to last no more than 5-10 minutes in the pool as a toddler, he has certainly turned into a real fish! This boy loves to swim and does an amazing job at it!

 Mom took the kids to get a free slurp on 7-11 day (aka, July 11th). See kids, your mom was cool and did fun things for you guys!
 There is something about bathtub pictures that I just love to death!

 Since Kellen was already learning to swim on his own and growing up way to fast, he decided he might as well learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels too! I was really impressed with how quickly he figured things out. When he first got his bike we tried teaching him to ride without training wheels but decided he wasn't quite ready. Though he had the balancing part down pretty well, he seemed to get distracted easily and would not pay attention well to his steering and brakes. So we waited until he seemed eager to try again. And this time around was very different. It took a few days of practicing how to start and brake. But after just a few afternoons out back practicing, he had it. It took him a few more days to feel brave enough to try it on his own and get the confidence to go faster and keep peddling once he got going. But he did so well and never even really had a bad crash. It's fun to see his confidence grow and be proud of the things he accomplishes. It is good for this boy!
 Makenna has really embraced her role as big sister. Especially with little Carys. She does such a great job (in many ways a better job than I ever would have expected!) She makes me so proud and I am also Sooo grateful for her help. There are many times that her helping hands bring me sanity at just the right moment!
What a cute little stinker!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

4 de Julio

 Much love to our wonderful Aunt Stephanie the kiddos had a great time doing a few 4th of July crafts to get us in the spirit of the 4th! We Love Aunt Stephanie and all the fun boxes of goodies she is always sending the kids :)

 At the annual 4th of July breakfast at the church. The last couple of years they have had kids bring their decorated bikes and done a bike parade. The kids had a blast. And I have to say their decorations were rockin it pretty good!

 Silly will see him making this face...a lot!
 At home the big kids helped me make a cute fruit tray to bring to Grammy and Pa's for our BBQ. They were both Really good workers and were very proud of their finished product.

 Grammy got in on an intense game of ping pong with the kids. It involves a lot of chasing after ping pong balls and fetching them out of the pool, but it was fun and the kids loved it. Usually it is the adults playing so it was fun for them to get to play all on their own.

 As per tradition we made s'mores around the fire. I think the kids look forward to this just about as much as the fireworks. 

 We finished the night down at the local high schools watching the fireworks. It's fun to be close enough to at least be able to hear and fell the "boom"!