Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am very behind in a lot of my posting. I am doing better than my sister, but I still have a ton I need to put up. So here you onslaught of pictures because if I don't do it this way it might never get done....
Enjoy :)

The little ones....finally getting along pretty darn well again. They are having so much fun together these days. It is so great to hear them playing and laughing together.
Kellen boy is growing up. He is doing all sorts of knew things these days. One of the things he loves to do is imitate talking on the phone or brushing his hair. So cute!
Learning how to mount the ATV the he got for his birthday. He can now get on it but still can't push the button on his own. Once he learns there will be no stopping him!
Kellen before his hair cut. Notice the craziness in the back flipping up...It was just getting too wild
My little stud muffin post hair cut!
We're working on getting rid of the binky. We are down to only using it in bed and in the car. Occasionally it is pulled out at a store or church because this boy can get LOUD! But we are getting there.
Kellen boy also had his 12 month apt today. He is doing well, for the most part. He has a wild rash on his bum right now. He has had the runs and the acidity has basically burned his rear end. Poor baby. We are using LOTS of vaseline and desitin. Other than that he is the picture of perfect health. He is 27 lbs even (90-95%) and is 32 1/2 in (above the 95%) yes, he is still big! He does have asthma, but the doc believes it will only really affect him when he gets sick. At least for now...hopefully it doesn't develop into something more. He is running all over the place and is trying very hard to imitate words. He will start talking soon! He loves to sing "the itsy bitsy spider" and is learning the hand motions for it really well. He can show you where his mouth, hair, feet and diaper are (yes, he believes his diaper is a part of his sort of is). He is such a sweet natured, loving, cuddly boy. I just can't get enough of our little Bud Bud!
My two favorite boys!

My crazy Kenna! She came to the table the other day and told me she was a cat. When I turned around she was much more cat like than I expected her to be...she drew whiskers on her face with marker. Thankfully it was washable!
Kenna continues to believe she is Mowgli (from the jungle book) and prefers to be shirtless. But we got these great rain boots for her and now, thanks to them, she will agree to shoes more often.

Kenna and Cam being little Mowgli friends together!

I love my girls!
If you notice my forehead you will see a small cut. This cut is from where Makenna was running towards me, tripped and fell teeth first into me. It was quite a good cut and I did a lame job of cleaning it (because Kenna was crying and I was trying to take care of her). It got infected for a day or two, but is taken care of and gone now. It was funny for a few days though... I looked ridiculous!
Just can't get enough of my babe!
Makenna LOVES to play computer games right now. A few weeks ago I got on the Nick Jr website with her, thinking it would be funny for her to see some of her fav characters. I had no idea she would be able to play the games so well and enjoy it so much. Thankfully they are educational, so I don't feel so bad letting her spend some time on there. She looks so big!

Our family took a trip over to Bates Nut Farm and spent the afternoon down there. It was REALLY hot and crowded, but it was a lot of fun. They had great little treats, animals to look at, a huge pumpkin patch. It was fun to do as a family and may very well become a tradition.
Kenna and Daddy searched for the perfect pumpkin while Mommy chased Kellen around.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another First!

On Monday the kids and I had a big day. Though it was a hard thing to do, it was time to get their hair cut. Makenna's hair really needed to be trimmed up and shaped. Obviously her hair is taking it's time growing, but she is 3 now and I thought it was about time. And Kellen, well, the top of his head didn't have a lot going on....he looked a lot like an old man losing his hair and trying to pull off a comb over. But in the back he had a nice mullet developing. Though I have fond feeling for mullets, they don't belong on my son. It was just getting a little out of control. The day we took him in for the hair cut the back of his hair was blowing in the it was definitely time!
Both of the kids did a great job! I took them to a little kiddy salon and they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Makenna was such a good girl and was very cooperative. She looked a bit shell shocked in the beginning but she relaxed and had fun with it. The lady put it in a french braid when she was done and sprayed glitter spray on it. She thought she looked like a real princess and was loving it. But that didn't last for long. Once we got in the car she started to cry and I asked her what was wrong. She said that she didn't want bows and she wanted hair like Kellen. She pulled the bows out but I was able to convince her to keep the braids in the rest of the day. Such a tomboy!

Kellen was a little stud. He sat their content while she trimmed him up. He kept getting the chills when she would buzz his neck and it was hilarious to watch. He looks Soooo much better now. It is amazing how much cutting his hair has changed his look. It really has left him looking like a much bigger boy and so much less like a baby. It is adorable and I am very happy that we got it done!

So Congrats to the little ones for getting their hair done and to me for not crying through it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yes, it is what I am. And after reading this post you will understand why.
Today was a bittersweet day for me. My amazing sissy Sarah (more commonly known these days as Auntie Rah Rah) has been down for the past 7 weeks due to knee surgery she had to have. She was on crutches for 7 weeks and when you put crutches together with a tiny baby you have a complicated situation. So Sarah stayed down here where she could have 24 hour care, mostly so that there was always someone that could help with Brooke (You certainly can't carry a baby and crutch around at the same time).
In some ways having Sarah and Brookie here was a little challenging. Life could get very loud. There were a few times that we had all 3 kids in the backseat crying or whining. Luckily Sarah and I were able to just look at each other and laugh during those moments. It was a bit crazy traveling together. But we mastered it quite quickly and had it down to an art by the time we left. It was always funny to be out and about together. One lady on crutches, a 3 year old holding onto her crutch and walking next to her and another lady holding a 12 month old on one hip and carrying a 3 month old in a car seat on the other arm. The looks we would get! But as I said, we got it down pretty smoothly. And it gave me a lot of training for what life will be like whenever we pop out baby #3 (don't get any crazy ideas!).
I know it was very hard on my sister being so immobile and so dependent on others. It was very hard for her being away from her hubby and her home for so long, especially with such a new baby. She stayed so strong through it all and amazed me every day. She is an inspiration to me. I think I would have been so depressed, but she kept it together and made the best out of it that she could, even though it was a struggle.
But today all of that came to an end. Rah Rah and Brookie got to go back home today. And though I am thrilled for Sarah to be able to be back on her feet, be back with her husband, have Brooke be back with her Daddy, I am sad for me and my kiddos. We had so much fun together. We had tons of laughs and good memories. It was so great to get to see Brooke grow up and change in the weeks she was here. It will be hard to not see her cute smile and here her crazy cooing every day. It will be sad to go to seeing her change and grow via pictures. But I know it is where everyone belongs. We are here at home in San Diego and she is back where she should be in Lake Elsinore (yes, she only lives an hour away....but for us it feels so far! See, I told you I was pathetic!)
Sissy, I love you and had a blast with you. We are happy to babysit you and Brooke any time. We will miss you both!
These girls could pass for sisters. I love it!
Makenna is infatuated with Brooke. She is such a good helper and is so sweet and loving with her. She is very protective of her little Brookie and is always by her side!
And Brooke adores Makenna right back. Brooke will watch Makenna wherever she goes. She is constantly looking around for where Makenna has gone. And she smiles and laughs for Makenna better than just about anyone I have seen try.
They may have a lot of energy, but we can still wear them out!
Being an Auntie is just as amazing as I thought it would be! I love my niece to pieces. I am really going to miss her tons!

It has been so neat to see my sis being a mommy...and such a good one. I love these girls!

Kellen too LOVES little Brooke to death. He is such a big brute it is so cute to see him talking to her sweetly in his deep little boy voice. He tries so hard to be gentle with her and knows he should be. But he is such a big boy and a bit clumsy at times. But he loves cousin so much. He just doesn't always like it when his Mama holds Brooke...there is a bit of jealousy there. He is a mama's boy and does not like anyone else getting in the way of that :)
Such a silly dude!
Their eyes are almost the same color!
They are going to be such good buds!
Sarah and I already see such a deep bond between these two. I love to think of the friends they will grow up to be.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Then and Now

I had a little dejavue the other day. Kellen was playing under a small table that we have in our entry way. It has a perfect little shelf under it that kids love to climb under and sit on. Makenna used to do it all the time when we fist moved in here and now Kellen has just started it up. And Kellen has inspired Makenna to do so as well these days. So I took some pictures of them the other day. Both of my kids look a little beat up. Kellen has scratches on his face (Sarah had stolen my nail clippers and he was cutting his own face...poor boy) and Makenna has a bruise on her forehead from running into a chair and a fat lip from landing face first on the concrete. We are not a graceful family. Anyway, this was just a weird moment for me and I thought I would share. It just pointed out how much has changed in just two years. How fast kids really grow up and how quickly life happens and years have come and gone before you know it.
Anyway, here is my moment....
Makenna Dec. 2007
Makenna Oct 2009
Kellen Oct 2009