Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Really Is the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Warning to the reader: This post is going to contain very cheesey language, sentiments and memories. Call me a sucker, but there really is something magical about Disney. That combined with the fact that I am get older and more and more emotional, I can't go to Disneyland without having a moment (or two) that makes me cry. Love that place.

The last time we had been to Disneyland was when Makenna was 3 and Kellen was 1. This trip was even better this time with the kids being older and more able to appreciate what they were experiencing. After 2 years of being there we were actually able to go there twice recently. Once as a family with Grammy and then once while Grandma and Grandpa McKamey were here....hence the reason why this post is so overloaded with pics. But hey, if any place is full of Kodak moments, it's Disneyland.
Our little Makenna is certainly getting bigger, but there is something about a pair of mouse ears that seems to erase some time....
Love the cheese face and the squinty eyes
As it should be, it's a small world was at the top of the list of favorites for the kids. I love the way kids just look and stare in total awe on that ride.
The Con is still figuring out what to think of moving horses....

I just love my mommy! It's so fun doing these types of things with her now...being a mom myself...understanding her love for me in a way I never fully appreciated before...seeing her be a Grammy.
One of these days that sword is going to budge!

The kids were not being super photo cooperative this day - Nothing wrong with capturing reality every once in awhile

Kellen and his first pair of Mickey Ears! He has really appreciated this. He was very cute about wanting to wear them, especially the second time we went.
Big head or small hat??

This picture was taken right before my big emotional moment during this Disney trip. We had let the kids pick out their souvenirs and were waiting for my mom and Makenna to get back from riding space mountain so we could go home. And then all the sudden super loud, "Dreams really do come true" type music came on over the speakers and then as we were standing on main street it started "snowing" (peppermint smelling/flavored pretend snow)! Kellen was just in awe. He and I stood out in the snow twirling around together....just felt like that perfect moment at the end of a perfect day....

We need to get Grandma and Grandpa some ears :)
Anxiously on the way...2 hours can be a long time to wait

These two were so cute together. Makenna would comfort Kellen on the "scary rides", they would talk about the things on the rides that were real and what was pretend. Kenna would tell Kellen the stories that pertained to the rides. It was very sweet to watch.
I think Dumbo may have been one of Grandma's favorites....just the right speed and thrill level for her.

I hope this does not give the kids a warped perception of what jail might really be like....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kellen's Prayer

For awhile Kellen was always saying the exact same prayer every time:
"Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for all our blessings together,
Please bless the food,
Name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

So we asked him to be more thoughtful when he prayed and think about more things he is thankful for. This is now his prayer every time:

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for Christmas,
Thank You for Halloween,
Thank You for Easter,
Thank You for Valentines Day,
Thank You for my Birthday,
Bless the food,
Name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

There you go.....

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last week we had the pleasure of having Grandma and Grandpa come out to visit and stay with us for a week. I can't even begin to say how great it was to see them and spend time with them and watch them spend time with the kids. The kids had a blast with them. They were so excited about them coming to visit. This was Conner's second time seeing Grandma and Grandpa and I was so happy for them to get to see more of his lively and loving personality and for him to get to bond with them even more. There really is nothing that compares to family and the relationships and love we share with each other.

Grandma scored big point with the Con by pushing him around the backyard on the trike. He is always trying to lull someone into doing this for him and of course his Grandma was more than willing to do it all day :)
Kellen made sure to introduce them to each and every one of his babies.
During the visit Kellen's new bike we had ordered came in. Seeing him on the trike was just starting to become painful...he is so tall for his age he was just starting to look ridiculous cruising around on the thing. He was definitely ready for something bigger. This bike is awesome and Kellen is already doing really good on it!
Makenna was thrilled to be able to show off her skills on the monkey bars to Grandma....a lot of time and blisters have gone into developing such a talent.

Such a goon!
I swear this boy gets more and more handsome every day
I think Conner almost gave Grandma a heart attack as he climbed on, in and over every piece of equipment at the park. Doesn't matter if it was intended for 6-10 year olds....Conner is right there ready to take it on! He is so fearless. I must be getting used to his craziness because it doesn't phase me the way it used to, but I get a good laugh seeing other people respond to him.
Good thing he is willing to wear a helmet....he needs one with all the stunts he pulls off.
Grandpa and the big kids shining up pennies with Grandpa's magic solution.