Wednesday, June 25, 2014

 We got to have a very special Christmas for 2013. Grandma and Grandpa were brave enough to face holiday traveling and got to escape from the cold and the snow to come have a San Diego Christmas with us. The kids were beyond excited to have them come and enjoy the holiday with us. There is something so magical about Christmas. The cheery spirits, the excitement, the tradition, the giving, the magic of it all. And we were so grateful that Grandma and Grandpa got to come and be part of that with our family that year.
 The kids opened up their one gift on Christmas Eve....Pajamas and slippers for everyone.
 And we grabbed one last picture under our tree. I just love those smiley faces....
 And once everyone was sound asleep, Santa came.
 And apparently the kids made the good list. Makenna got upgraded to a "Big Bike" equipped with a kick stand and a hand brake. She was definitely ready for the upgrade! And Conner graduated from his balance bike to his big boy bike with training wheels, which is good considering he was always trying to steal his brothers!

 Kellen boy hit the jackpot and got a Razor big wheel that he had had his eye on for awhile. He was a little worried that Santa might not bring it to him because it said for ages 6+, but I guess Santa knew that he was skilled enough to handle it!
 "How does he do that??"
 This boy cracks me up.....Sooooo his fathers son. While you watch Makenna and Conner go through their stocking, they are just dumping and digging through and checking everything out at once. And then there is Kellen, taking his time looking at everything one at a time and putting it in an orderly fashion. I love this kid and just love the great differences in them all. It is was keeps things interesting and fun.
 Grandma and Grandpa got soiled with some gifts as well. See's candy, perfume, wood tools, etc. 
 Conner is getting so big. He was excited for all his new big boy toys.
 Carys just soaked up the excitement and fun and joined right in with the celebrating.
The boys with their haul.
The happy little ladies.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun Times and Traditions

With Christmas time comes Christmas traditions! And the return of our dear Elf, Elvis. The kids get so excited when Elvis is back. And I have to say I get pretty excited myself. Unfortunately when the kids got sick, they got Elvis sick for a day or two also. But he got feeling better quickly and was into the cookies in no time at all!

 I was lucky enough to get to go have a special day in Makenna's class and be there for their Christmas party. They made the cutest little gingerbread houses. I Love seeing Makenna. I love seeing her interact with her friends, watch how big she is getting. She is so mature and just has such a fun, happy little personality. I love watching it blossom and see the girl she is becoming. 

 The next day in Kellen's class they had a cookie decorating party followed by an awesome day where they got to act out the polar express. 
 Jen is totally awesome and made an "Elf on the Shelf" costume to wear for the day! 
 All the kids lined up on the polar express with their hot chocolate and donuts. TK has been so good for this little boy. I have watched him gain confidence and independence that has been so good for him. He is a smart little boy! And he does such a good job in school, being a good friend and a good example. He has made me so proud! I love this little mama's boy to pieces!
 The "big girls" got together as we always do and had our big baking day. I LOVE this tradition so much. It is so fun to spend the day together baking and decorating cookies. It is fun watching the skids get older and be able to help out more with the process. And the kids LOVE delivering the cookies, which I think does a good job teaching them the fun and spirit of giving to our friends and loved ones. So much fun!
 As per tradition, the kids got to sleep out under the Christmas tree with all the presents. Every time I see them laying there it just makes me think of a picture from the perfect Christmas story!

 Makenna seems to have this ability to develop really good relationships with the older ladies or primary teachers in our ward at church. On so many occasions I have had different people come up to me and tell me how sweet Makenna is, how much they love and adore her and how special she is to them. The other day her current primary teacher was talking to me and told me "I just wanted to tell you, Makenna is one of the happiest people I have ever known. She is just such a Fun person to be with!" What an amazing compliment to get about your little girl. Made me so happy and proud of the girl she is. What a better compliment than having your daughter be happy. 
Anyway, one of her primary teachers, Sister Wood, decided she wanted to make Makenna this gorgeous doll. It was all hand made and I know it took her a long time to do. Makenna (who actually doesn't like barbies) LOVED it. I think she knew just how genuine of a gift it was. And she was sweet and in return made her a pair of earrings and a necklace. Warmed my heart!