Sunday, August 29, 2010

It Was A Dinosaur Birthday Party

Makenna had an awesome birthday this year! To start off with her Amazing parents got her the perfect gift for a 4 year old....her first BIG GIRL BIKE!
About a week or so before her birthday she suddenly started talking a lot about wanting a big bike. And Kellen is just about ready for the tricycle to be passed down to him, so this worked well for everyone involved :) She was really shy about the bike being unveiled. But as soon as she warmed up to it and sat down on the bike she took off immediately and rode it like a pro.
So far there really have not been any bad spills...just tipping over a couple of times here and there. But promise me, I predict now a post sometime in the future showing of some real bike battle wounds. The girls has no fear when it comes to that sort of stuff. And she rode her tricycle like a maniac. She was amazing on it and could whip it around like you wouldn't believe. But a bike does not handle like a tricycle, and she wants to treat it like it does. She has been counselled to slow it down a little, but she is the type that has to learn for herself. And I am sure she will.
That night we had cake and opened the presents from the grandparents. Kellen was having a rough time that day. There are a lot of birthday's around this time of year, and his is the last one to come. I think he is getting tired of it being everyone else's birthday and just hearing that his birthday is soon. But Makenna, sweet as she can be at times, had Kellen climb up in the chair with her while we sang, had him blow out the candles with her, let him help her open each and every gift and shared all her new toys...all without anyone asking or suggesting that she do any of this. Kellen had a huge smile on his face through it all. You could tell it made his night. And as a mother it just totally melted my heart. I will put pictures of it up as soon as I get them from my mom.

Starting off shy and unsure about the bike....
Kellen got sick of waiting for Makenna, so he jumped on himself :)
Now there is the smile we were looking for!

On Makenna's birthday she had a big first....A boy gave her flowers. Cameron is Makenna's little partner is crime/boyfriend. It was the cutest thing and Makenna LOVED it!
At Makenna's request she had a dinosaur themed birthday party. It was a great success and she loved every single minute of it. It was a lot of work to put the party on this year, but seeing the look on her face when everyone there was singing her happy birthday made it worth every minute of it! She is definitely seeming so grown up to me. She has graduated from the toddler years and is now a full on "kid". Todd kindly reminded me that she is still a Very Little Kid, and that is very true. But time seems to be slipping by and I feel like my little girl is getting less and less little. She is such a beauty. She brings and energy and spirit with her that touches everyone she comes in contact with. She keeps our home a fun, light hearted, silly place. She loves her little brothers and they adore her back. She is smart as can be. She is learning so much and really loves to learn, which is a huge relief to me. She has also become a great teacher and is so good at helping teach Kellen his colors and shapes and to count and us the potty. She is my little angel. She has been since before she was born. She gave me the gift of motherhood. I adore her and love her more than she will know, until the day she has a daughter of her own and knows what it means to see yourself in your daughters eyes.
I love you Makenna. Happy birthday you little nut!
Pure birthday joy!!

I don't make cakes...I buy them at costco :)

Kenna still ADORES her uncle Bik!
This smile right here made it all worth it!

This was definitely one of Makenna's favorite gifts. She totally thinks she is a rock star...and she can kind of pull it off. She is a bit of a natural!
Even daddy got in on the action before the end of the day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Excuse For Not Posting

He's sweet. He's cute.
He doesn't like to share me with the computer :)
I promise I have a number of posts coming soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



More of Us ("Us" meaning the children)

My "stylin'" little boy! He is always so pleased with himself when he is sporting his sunglasses.
My boys! It is fun to be able to say that :) Kellen is so in love....a little too in love sometimes, but mostly it is just really cute to see!

See what a big boy he is now? Even using the big kid swings and he loves it. I also love having the baby swing put away now so he and Makenna cannot fight over it.
Makenna is already getting in the dinosaur spirit and preparing for her dinosaur birthday party she is having this weekend. She picked the theme...don't ask where it came from.
Conner is getting so big, more interactive, and just cuter and cuter every day.

Brooke and Sarah came to visit us this past weekend and now that Brooke is walking she is totally hanging with the big kids. It was so cute to see her playing in the backyard with Makenna and Kellen and feeding the ducks at the park. They are such great little cousins!

Kellen just worked on his beauty sleep while the older ones played. Such a good boy.
Makenna and Conner have this cute little routine of him laying in bed with her while we pray and sing before she goes to bed. She also used to do this with Kellen. I just think it is the cutest thing.

Makenna and Kellen are in love with this "ice pack" and are always eager to find some reason why one of them needs to use it. Silly kids. As you can see whatever boo boo of Kellen's was ice pack worthy couldn't have been that bad with a smile like that on his face!
You can't totally tell in this picture but little Conner is definitely going to have blue eyes. Such a little stud muffin.

They toddlers enjoy this more than the infants. It's annoying!

New Love

Since Conner's arrival I have seen a much deeper bond develop in my family between two very cute little people. Makenna and Kellen have always had a close relationship with each other. A lot of love/hate going on as well. But these days there has been a lot more Love than Hate, and that Love has grown deeper than ever. Maybe it's because Momma is now busier and more preoccupied with taking care of the baby so the two of them are forced to rely on each other more. Whatever it is, they are just closer than ever these days. They want to do everything together. Kellen anxiously waits for Makenna to wake up every morning. Makenna always wants to do what Kellen is doing, and likewise Kellen is always right there with Makenna. It is just so sweet to see them being such good friends. Sure, there is still a fair bit of referee action going on in the house between them. But anyone looking closely at these two can't help but see how much they adore each other.

They are also loving little Conner to death and are both having so much fun with him. Things are good in the McKamey family

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newborn Pics

Well, once again my studly sister took some great pictures for us. Here are Conner's newborn pics. I think the pics and he are just absolutely adorable! We are just so happy to have our baby boy here! Having him in the family has brought with it a joy and happiness I didn't even know had been missing from the family. We are all so in love with this little boy!