Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting in the Spirit!

Daddy and the kiddos with the winning tree for the year! Seriously, picking out the tree is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.
Daddy and the Con trimming the tree for his first time. The little man really embraced the whole decorating idea and did a really good job. And even more impressive than his decorating abilities were his abilities to leave the tree decorated. I was sure that a decorated tree in our home was going to be a complete disaster (Conner is a bit on the destructive side), but he more or less left the tree alone. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone is looking so grown up all the sudden!

This picture is a little blurry, but I thought they looked sweet.
I bet you didn't know even Spider Man enjoy making a good gingerbread house :)

The finished product. Definitely made by kids....just the way I like them!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Whole Lot of Sweet!

My ferocious Connersaurus!!!
A little boy in an over-sized t-shirt, just plain cute!
Me and the munchkins on my birthday!
Love this picture of Todd and Kellen, after Kellen's Christmas sing at his preschool.
Kellen is such a character! The other day he loaded himself and all his "babies" under the desk. He actually stayed there for Quite awhile, just cuddling and then showing them pictures...such a silly guy
My little poser....darling as can be and growing up all too fast!

Conner likes to put himself on time out these days. Unfortunately he sort of enjoys being on time out and finds humor in it. Though we have to work on the effectiveness of time out, it is sort of funny and entertaining to watch.
If you don't know by now he loves Santa with all his heart then you don't know Kellen.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Since Christmas cards have been sent...

Family picture can finally be revealed....
It still amazes me sometimes to step back and look at my family....they are the very reason why I wake up every morning feeling so blessed.

There were some other cute pictures of me and the kiddos that were more "posed" and smiling, but I just love the energy in this picture. Really sums up the way my normal life is lived with these kiddos....such love, laughter and smiles!
A Mother and her sons....there is just a sweet love that resides there!
Grammy and Pa with the McKamey kids
For having so many Young grandkids I think this picture turned our really well!!!
Grammy and her girls
This picture almost makes me want to cry, it is so precious
Love my sis and her sweet little family!! I'm not only blessed to have adorable children but such a sweet niece and nephew as well

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jolly Ol' Saint Nick

That special moment every year when you get to take the kids the see Santa, tell them if they have been naughty or nice and let him know what they are hoping to find under the tree. It's something I look forward to Every year! This year was an interesting one. The kids were VERY excited about going to see Santa. They were asking all the time when we were going to go. When I let them know the day arrived they were thrilled. That afternoon they wrote their letters for Santa. We got dressed up and ready and excitement was high. When we got their Santa was up on the roof feeding the reindeer, so the kids were running around waiting for him. Suddenly they saw Santa approaching. I was rounding everyone up and grabbing my bag when Kellen saw Santa and just lost it. Poor kid just burst into tears. He was all freaked out that Santa was going to "Put his arm around him" (or that is what he kept saying). We managed to calm him down enough to at least go close enough to Santa to tell him what he wanted for Christmas and sit in a chair to take a picture. Of course once it was over he couldn't stop talking about Santa and was getting upset over things he forgot to tell Santa and wondering if Santa would let him touch his hat. Such a silly kid.
Makenna on the other hand was right there, ready to go, so excited to see Santa that she could hardly stand still. She went right over to him almost immediately, gave him her letter, made sure he knew she had been nice and let him know exactly what she wanted for Christmas. She looked so happy and comfy just sitting there in Santa's lap. It was almost as if no one in the world existed in that moment but her and Santa. Looking at these pictures of them made me realize what a big girl Makenna is turning into. She just looks so mature and grown to me. Always such a bittersweet moment.
Conner, well, I don't think I need to provide an explanation for how he felt about Santa. The photo takes care of that on its own.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Right before Thanksgiving Kellen had his very first opportunity to perform in public at his Preschool Pow Wow....and boy did he ever perform! He was amazing! That little boy sang his little heart out. And when each of the classes took turns getting up and dancing to the music he was right there in the center of it all, jumping up and down and dancing and workin it! I was not only proud but surprised! He is such a cutie!
Kellen and his teacher Mrs. Jurish. He just adores her! And she has been so good for him and done such a great job helping him adjust and grow and learn at preschool.
Conner and his little buddy Rawson. These boys are only a few months apart. Conner is actually the younger of the two of them, but as is usually the case he is a fair bit bigger. Such cute boys!
Makenna was hilarious the other night. She came up with her very own idea, or as she called it her recipe for a special dessert. The gist of it was a cookie, Hershey syrup, skittles on top of the chocolate, then topped with a large marshmallow and more Hershey syrup. She loved eating it, but even more she loved teaching me to make it and watching me eat it. It wasn't too bad...minus the skittles.
Nothing/Nowhere in my house is safe from the Con! When you see me posting an obituary for our poor little beta you will now understand why....
Makenna's new pet name she wants me to call her is my "Kissie" So here is my beautiful Kissie!
Todd took the kids out to breakfast and then swung by the store the other day. While at the store they found a Santa Hat. If you know anything about Kellen and his love for Santa you know that he was in absolute heaven. This hat has not been far from him ever since. While he, Todd and Makenna were walking through the parking lot and he had his Santa hat on a lady looked at him and said "Are you Santa?" I guess Kellen's eyes just lit up and he said "Yes, I am!" Love that boy and his Christmas spirit. He makes me wish it was Christmas all year!
When Peter was over playing the other day I walked out in the room and here were the 3 of them, under our chair like mechanics with Kellen's Handy Many tools "fixing" our chair. Just made me smile. I love kids!
Christmas Tree decorations the kids made with Abby the other night while Todd and I were out. We have the best babysitter ever!
My handsome boys. I feel like a lucky woman every morning I get to wake up to these handsome little devils
They are trouble together, but they really love each other! Can you tell??
Kellen in all his Christmas glory
From left to right: Santa, Kellen, Frank E Post, Conner
Just try and be a Grinch around this kid.....impossible!