Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yes, we swam a lot this summer. And I know that this is already evident by the amount of pictures of swimming I have put up. But these ones were too cute to pass on!
 I am so blown away by Kellen this summer. He has just left all fear behind and totally gone all out! He is a maniac jumping off the wall. He is funny and creative and silly in the things he does. And he has also become a really good swimmer. Without floaties on he is able to swim across the entire width of the pool on his own. He has jumped off the wall without floaties and been able to swim himself back to the wall or the stairs. He is doing so good and I am so proud of him. He will be swimming solo next year for sure!

 Makenna has been spending this summer perfecting a lot of her tricks. She has become a pro diver! I have been really surprised at what a nice dive a 6 year old can pull off. She is great at floating on her back. And recently we discovered she is able to swim the entire length of the pool under water holding her breath. Quite the swimmers!

Little Conner boy. With hair like that he better grow up to learn to surf!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Boys and their Beds

I love the things that kids can get easily excited over. The things that you can turn into a full on fun for all family event. As the arrival of Carys continues to rapidly approach we have been making some fun changes. One of the biggest ones was moving Kellen out of the toddler bed and into a "big" bed! Kellen is a kid that really knows how to appreciate and live up moments like this. Todd had picked up the bed and it was out in the living room for a few days before we set it up. Once we told him we were going to be setting it up the next day he spent the next 24 hours anxiously anticipating his bed. He helped me rearrange, clean and organize the room to make a spot for the "big bed". He had picked out a comforter and pillow case for his bed and helped me was and ready all the bed linens. And when Daddy got home from work he was right there next to him, helping him every step of the way. 
Makenna and Conner quickly caught on to the excitement of what was happening and eagerly pitched in and helped out and got their hands on everything they could!
I wish these pictures weren't blurry because I think they are so cute. Even though you can't see Kellen's mouth, you can totally tell he has a huge smile behind that mattress as he helps Daddy drag it in the room!

Kellen was definitely ready to spread out in his new bed. He is a big, tall boy and he needed the space. He just looks so much more comfy and happy now!
Everyone wanted to take a turn trying out the new bed. Kellen was patient with sharing his new prized possession. However, he has continued to be very strict about making sure people know that they are not allowed to stand or jump on the bed and makes people be good about not messing up his sheets and blankets. Kellen is a child that is particular about the way he wants things.

After we set up Kellen's bed and gave him a week of sleeping in it and adjusting to the newness of his room we then made the big transition with Conner. Conner not only moved into Kellen's room with him but also went from the crib into the toddler bed. I have to say, I think there is something absolutely adorable about seeing my boys share a room together. I love it. I have loved the few times I have had to go into their room to wake them up and heard myself say "Good Morning Boys, time to wake up!" 
Given Conner's active and sometimes "wild" personality, I was moderately concerned about what this transition into toddler bed freedom was going to be like. But I was very pleasantly surprised at just how easy this whole move has been. The first night we put him in his bed he seemed very sad/confused/a bit scared about not being in his crib and being in Kellen's room instead of his own. He sadly came out 6 or so times, but was always cooperative about sadly getting back into bed. The next night, though not excited to get into bed, he stayed in bed and didn't even try to get out once. And that has been the case since then. It only took him a few days to get excited about his big bed and be happy to crawl in there and get tucked in. But he has done amazing about staying in bed. And he has also kept right on napping like a total champ. I am so grateful and happy that it has gone so well. He may be a maniac at times, but he sure is a good boy.
And doesn't he look absolutely adorable?!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play Soccer!

I don't know who is more excited that Makenna is playing soccer....me or her?? Actually, I am happy to say it is probably her. She was so excited when we first talked about signing up for soccer this year. I was honestly a bit shocked that she chose soccer over dance or gymnastics. Though I believe hands down that soccer is more suited to her energy level and likes, she is a sucker for flipping on bars and does love a cute tutu. But I was glad to see her go the sports route. She loved going out and buying her shoes with coordinating ball and shin guards. And I have to say, I do think she looks quiet adorable in her soccer practice clothes.
Soccer practice has been fun for everyone. Kenna enjoys going to practice every week and the boys have been really great at cooperating and entertaining themselves at the park while we wait for practice to be done.

Makenna's first game went wonderful! She was so excited to play and not nervous at all. She was out there and was scrappy and enthusiastic the whole game! She even scored the second goal of the game and her team won 4-0. It so much fun watching her play and was a lot of fun seeing her smile and excitement and how proud she was and what a great job she did. Makenna has some good natural instincts. I am constantly impressed at her ability to anticipate where to be at just the right time. When the other team has the ball the natural instinct of most of the girls is to just chase the person with the ball. Not Makenna. She takes off down the field, ahead of the girl and then turns around, cuts her off and steals the ball. All she needs now is to get better at her own coordination with the ball and then that girl will dominate the field...in a 6 year old sort of way of course :)

So adorable! Makes my heart smile.

Kellen was right there with me through the game cheering Makenna on and was very proud of her after the game. It was cute to see the two of them so happy and excited together. Love them and their cute friendship they have with each other. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

If I had been in denial that my little girl was growing up I very recently had to face the fact that my little girl is seeming very not so little these days. On August 16th Makenna had her first day of 1st Grade! When you have a Kindergartner you can still tell yourself that they are still your baby. They look so little still in Kindergarten, especially compared to all the much bigger kids cruising around. I remember how much bigger the first graders seemed in comparison to Makenna when she was in Kinder. But now She is one of those first graders. Now She looks big compared to the little Kindergarten kids lining up for class so timidly. She walks through the halls with confidence and doesn't look back nearly as often as last year to make sure mom is close by. She is getting out there. And though it pulls at heartstrings, it also makes me proud. 

 Makenna was thrilled/relieved when she found out that she and her friend Kara were in the same class again this year. And Mom was excited that she got the teacher she wanted her daughter to have, Mrs. Balough. 
 So on the first day of Kindergarten the teachers really take it easy on Mom and Dad. You bring your kid to class, help them find their desk. You get to stay and watch as the teacher has all the kids come and sit down, takes attendance, introduces herself. She then reads a sweet story to the class and sends the kids back to their desk to do a quick little craft with Mom and Dad. Then everyone goes to the auditorium and after 10 minutes or so they have the parents say goodbye to the kids as the kids stay in the auditorium and Mom and Dad go back to the class while the teacher gives them the run down on what class life will be like, what they will learn, how things will be structured, etc. You leave feeling very informed and very at ease about leaving your baby behind....
 Well, this is not the case in 1st grade. In 1st grade the teacher greets you at the door as you come in with your child. They have you help your child find their desk and get their name tag on. And then they say "Okay parents, take the envelope of paperwork with you and say goodbye to your child." And that is it. They kick you out just like that. I was a bit unprepared for this, but Makenna did just fine. A quick kiss and she was pulling out her pencil box and settling right in to life as a 1st grader. That first day of school at pick up I gave her a BIG hug and told her how much I had missed her while she had been gone (which was very true). She just looked at me with a sweet smile and said "I didn't even miss you one little bit!" I must have been staring at her with a stunned face when I heard her response because another older/wiser mother laughed and patted me on the back and said, "Don't worry Mom, her saying that is a very good thing. It means you are doing a good job." And I believe that mom was right :) Way to go Makenna. You are growing up and succeeded and doing well on your own. We love you!
 When Makenna is gone, these two boys need a fair bit more entertaining. So we do our best to keep busy and have fun.
 Both of these boys are starting to look so big too! I do have to say I kind of love being out with just me and both of my little boys sometimes. It makes me feel like a very lucky, loved and adored Mommy with both my boys holding my hands while we walk around. 

 The older these boys get the more I am starting to think they look alike. If you take away the coloring, their faces are actually pretty similar. Both Handsome as can be.
 Kellen had a couple of weeks where he wanted to wear these overalls every single day. I have to say I think he is quick adorable in them. And they totally suit Kellen. It has recently been quite warm to be wearing pants, but I believe as it starts to cool down the overalls will most likely make a re-appearance. 
 The ducks love when Conner comes to see them. He loves throwing practically whole pieces of bread at them, while Kellen very patiently takes his bread and tears it in small pieces. Conner probably goes through nearly 10 slices to every 1slice for Kellen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

6 is Sensational!

6 years goes by in a flash. Seriously, I know you hear it all the time. But truly, you blink and suddenly they have gone from a tiny baby to a regular, adorable little kid. And I am sure if I blink another time or two she will suddenly be a teenager driving and then on her way to college. 
Makenna has really grown and matured so much in this past year. She really is coming into her own. It is amazing to watch her going to school and being more on her own. And we are so proud to see her being successful, making good choices and enjoying herself every day. Makenna brings so much fun, joy, laughter and life into our home. She knows how to make any situation something to enjoy and have fun with. She knows how to be silly and bring a smile to your face in just the moment that you needed it. She has a big heart and sensitive spirit. We are so blessed to have her as our daughter and have her be the big sister she is to her younger siblings. 
 On the morning of Makenna's birthday Todd surprised her by bringing home a dozen roses for her. The cute, coy little smile on her face when he brought out the roses was the sweetest thing. Just melted my heart. I am so glad that she has a Daddy that is already teaching her the way she deserves to be treated by the men in her life that love her. She kept the roses in her room until Mom had to sneak them out to the trash without her looking. But watching Todd give her the roses was probably my favorite part of the entire day. 
 Later that day Makenna had a few friends over for a fun little party. It started with a fun game for the kids to play (oh yes, it was of course a Rapunzel theme this year).

 Makenna and her birthday guests. She wanted it to be all girls but allowed her brothers to attend as well....though I think she knew she didn't have much choice in that matter :)
 Makenna wanted to take her and her friends to a fun place called Inflatable World. It is an outdoor place Full of bounce houses and huge inflatable slides. It is seriously a child's dream come true.
 Crazy girls...they FLEW down these slides! (Makenna and Reese)
 Makenna and Kara
 Gwyn was so cute going down these. She is so small and petite and she would just bounce the whole way down. 

 Kellen was super brave on the big slides and had no problem keeping up with his big sis and her friends. Conner was a little more hesitant (I know, shocking for Conner!)
 Of course the downside to an August birthday is the heat. It was a Really hot day to be outside running and jumping. Though exhausted and hot they were all good sports about the heat and kept smiling right through it!

 Pizza and watermelon back at home.
 Opening up her presents. I was really proud of Makenna because with each present she let all her friends help her take off the paper and unwrap each one of them. It was really cute to hear all the girly squeals of excitement with each present.

 Mommy and Daddy surprised Makenna with a pogo stick for her birthday (something she has been asking for for over a year). I think she was in a bit of shock upon seeing it because I kept telling her she was still too young for one. 
 Our cute birthday girl and her ice cream cake.
True to form, it only took Makenna 5 or so minutes of having her pogo stick outside before she started to get the hang of it. Another day or two later she had the rhythm and technique down pat and is not a bouncing maniac on that thing. She certainly has natural talent when it comes to all things athletic.