Monday, April 26, 2010

25 Weeks!!

Wow! Really? 25 weeks already? Well, actually I am now almost 26 weeks. I swear this pregnancy is going by in a flash. It is amazing to me how the first two pregnancy seemed to pass at a snails pace and now this time around I can barely keep up with how quickly time is flying. When I think about it in weeks it feels like 14 weeks is still a long ways to go before this little guy gets here. But then thinking in terms of months, it is just about May and this little dude could come any time after mid July....that's not too far off!!! Todd and I made a list last night of all the things that need to be done before Mr. Conner makes his debut, and that list made my life even more stressful! I am sure we will get it all done, so I am not That worried. I just know it is going to be busy and, of course, the busier you are the faster time seems to go. So more or less I feel like this baby is going to be here before we know it!
I am getting so anxious to see this little boy. To hold him and look at him and get to enjoy all the fun of having a tiny baby in my life again. I do miss it. I love the baby year!! Conner is a VERY active little guy so far and I feel like I already feel so connected to him and sort of understand what his little personality is like....content and happy, but also outgoing and full of life!
Anyway, here is your belly update. I have accepted now that my belly is just HUGE compared to my other pregnancies. I have embraced it and am no longer in denial. My hair and face look like crap in these pics, so just focus on the belly, will ya?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who knew?

I never knew such a small little man could be so darn handsome!
I just thought that Kellen looked so cute dressed up for church today. I always love the way they look on Sundays but I rarely take pics of them then. So I thought I would today. He is growing into such a little man! And a studly one at that!

I Never Thought....

I could love a Ballerina....
Until now!
Growing up as such a tomboy and never having a desire to get caught up in the dress up, make-up, dance class part of being a girl, I always thought I would have a hard time enjoying or appreciating a daughter that loved those sorts of things. I prayed that if I had a daughter she would be the kind of little girl I was.
I am grateful the Lord gave me a daughter but did not answer my request. Though Makenna can rough and tough it with the best of them, though she is a total spaz, loves to get into mischief, enjoys running around outside and getting dirty, always having skinned knees and looking for a new adventure, she is also the most beautiful little ballerina I have ever seen!!
She did so great in her dance class this last week and loved every minute of it. I can't wait to watch more and can't wait until her class performs in the del mar fair this June. I love my little girly girl!!

Things that make me smile...

The man I love with the children I adore....

Such good buddies....bugging each other and loving each other all day, every day...
She loves her Daddy and soaks up all his attention
My little nudists....bonding over Elmo
I am so grateful I have two goofy kids to remind me not to take life too seriously. I am so blessed!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Very Hoppy Easter Indeed

The older and more children that we have, the more fun and exciting each and every holiday is. Seeing the fun and excitement in my children's faces on days like these makes me remember what it was like to be young and enjoy all the fun and magic of the holidays. But it is equally, if not more fun being on the parent side of it and seeing your children enjoy it for themselves.
And even more special than seeing my children enjoy the 'magic' of the holiday is seeing them get old enough to understand the real importance and meaning of the day. I was so impressed with Makenna's ability to understand what Easter is really about and that our Savior died and was resurrected so that we can someday be with him. I am in awe at the love and understanding such a young child can have for her Savior, friend and brother Jesus Christ.

We had a really fun Easter this year, full of dying eggs, leaving carrots (and some Italian dressing to dip them in) for the Easter Bunny, searching for hidden baskets, Easter egg hunts and a delicious traditional Easter dinner. It really was a great day. I just love reasons to get together as a family, be happy and have fun all day long!

Daddy and Kenna dying their eggs together. I always love seeing the two of them doing things together.
Don't mind the shirtless look. It was right before bed time and the best way to control the mess and possible staining.
Little Kenna, so "eggcited" (I know, totally cheesy, right?)
Kellen helped as much as he could with the egg dying. But it is a little hard to let an 18 month old get too hands on with things like eggs and dye....
Kellen finding his Easter basket, with a little help from sissy of course.

Kenna and her loot. What a happy Easter girl!

Hunting for eggs in the backyard. Both kids did such a good job and had tons of fun doing it.
Brooke was happier to swing than look for eggs. Such a cute Easter babe! I love that girly!
I really am such a lucky mama!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cousin Fun!

A couple of weeks ago my nieces Heidi and Riley celebrated their 5th Birthday. I can't believe those girls are already 5 years old. It just blows me away. They are the cutest little twins with Such different personalities. Riley is the little Princess who wants to wear dresses and make-up and do dance and cheer. Heidi is a total tomboy who wants to play sports and wear baseball caps and shorts. It is so fun to see them be their own person, even though they look so much alike.
All the cousins get a long great. The twinners have always been so good with Makenna and still call her "baby Makenna" sometimes. Kenna kept coming up to me asking "Why are they calling me a baby?" It was funny. And they are so good with Kellen! They both want a little brother so they are more than happy to adopt him as their own whenever they see him. Kellen just enjoys the attention and goes right along with it.
It is always fun to have everyone together and we all had a great time. Too bad we forgot to take a picture of all of them together.
Poor Makenna was having a tummy ache and not feeling well at all that day so she stayed pretty mellow but was still a trooper through it all.

Heidi and Riley were so cute and kept taking turns getting to hold and play with Kellen. Too bad he is almost as big as them :)
Gotta love my little Brooke Brooke!

Hot Wheels!

Yes! I am now the PROUD owner of a MINI VAN! And I mean Very Proud!
When you already have 2 very active little ones, a third on the way and plans to add a couple more after that one, then any way my life can be made easier or more convenient is much appreciated and desired. That is what my Mini Van has given me.
Things like two automatic closing doors. A special, extra review mirror that gives you an entire view of the whole back 2 rows. Lots of cup holders. Plenty of leg space. A seat that slide to create an isle to the back row on either the side or in the middle. Automatic tailgate and a surprisingly large trunk for a van (it can easily fit my double jogging stroller in it, or Makenna's tricycle and the it). I could go on and on with the list of the things I love about my van and all the ways it makes my life great. But I don't want to completely bore anyone. I just have to say I love it and am so thrilled to have one. It may not be the sportiest looking thing in the world but honestly, I wouldn't trade it for any car in the world.
I love my van!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I figured it was time....

to reveal our baby boy's name. The name by which he shall be known is...

Conner Elijah McKamey

Conner is a name that both Todd and I really loved and just felt was the right name for this baby boy. This naming process was much different than with Kellen and even with Makenna. There was a lot more going back and forth, considering and almost going with certain names and then having those names just feel wrong for this child. But Conner has just fit and felt like the name that this little boy is supposed to have. I can totally picture us having a son named Conner and I am very excited about his name.
Elijah is Todd's paternal Grandfather's middle name, so it is a family name that we will be giving him. He will also have the same initials as his Great-Grandfather. And on top of that we both really like the name Elijah and think that Conner Elijah sounds very good together.
For me, having a name for my expected baby just makes everything feel so much more real and helps me feel more connected to the baby and see him more as a person and an individual with his own identity versus just being "baby". And I like that the kids can think of "the baby in momma's belly" as a baby with a name as well. It is so cute to hear Makenna say Conner. And Kellen, well, he is clueless. He just likes to push on my belly button. :)
I also had a doc apt this last week and we were reassured that everything from our 20 week ultrasound looked great and normal and that by the looks of it this little boy Conner is a very healthy and strong little baby. He is growing a few days ahead of his due date, but that is to be expected seeing as he is a McKamey boy and those boys grow big!! It is just so comforting and relieving to know that he is healthy and developing as he should be and that if all goes well we should have a strong baby boy born in 4 more months. 4 More Months!! That is just crazy. It may sound far away to you all, but wow, it feels close to me.
Anyway, there is your baby Conner update. Expect an updated belly pic soon. There is certainly quite a belly to take a picture of!!