Saturday, January 18, 2014

August Episode 5

When you get a bunch of Kret women together to throw a family party, there is no telling what is going to happen. Seriously, they are one of the funniest groups of people I know. I feel so lucky to be blessed with such a circle of funny, loving, amazing people in my life. I remember as a kid Loving my trips to see my Aunties and Cousins. I still look forward to them and now I also get to watch my kids get excited and anxious for the same get togethers. So much fun.
 This party in particular was full of some of the most "special" moments we have all shared. The main event of the day was, well, I don't even know what you call it. Basically you were told to lick the palm of your hand, someone sprayed whip cream onto it and then on the count of three everyone launches the whip cream into the air and tries to catch it in their mouth. To kick it off the 3 Kret sisters went head to head...
 And as we hoped they all ended  up looking completely ridiculous! 
 These ladies rock!!
We gave the littles a chance to play (well, the ones that were willing to try after seeing what happened to the Aunties). Basically there was a lot of whip cream flying everywhere with that group.
And then the cousins took each other on.
 And, no surprise, yours truly TOTALLY worked it!! Yes, one of my many hidden talents. See children, your mother does have some amazing tricks up her sleeve!
 The next activity was for the more physically aggressive ones. A good chance to sumo wrestle each other. Put on this silly inflatable tube, hold on tight and charge at the other person until someone falls on their rear. Pa and Christi took out their political differences on each other...
 My mom and Auntie Amber fought out their childhood sibling issues that still linger...
 Uncle Tony seized the opportunity to knock a woman over and have everyone cheer and laugh about it...
 And even the little ones had a blast having a go at it. I was actually thinking of what a great tool this could be around the house - if two kids start fighting then put these on them and send them outside to settle their differences. Chances are it will end in a lot of laughs. 

 Makenna's friend Kara was able to come to the party and they had a blast together. So fun to have your kids have a good friend!
 While Sarah and the kids were here we decided to take a trip to Sea World and had a really good time. It was a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun. I LOVE Sea World and always have.

 My silly Conner boy. I think he truly believes that he is a power ranger at heart. Truly.
 Every baby does it. It's a right of passage into toddlerhood. Miss Carys is well on her way. 

 Before Sarah and her fam had to head back home we had a quick little birthday celebration for her, complete with cake and David launching all the kids as high as he could into the pool. 

 My favorite group of kiddos in the WHOLE WORLD! Love these kiddos more than they could possibly know. I am the luckiest mama and Auntie ever. 
For Todd's birthday we snuck away for the evening for an amazing dinner at Ruths Chris (probably our favorite restaurant!). It was a great night. Great Food, Perfect Company, Amazing View.