Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Never Thought

I would be the type of person to do this sort of thing, but Happy Belated Birthday Bella! (Yes, Bella is the dog)
The only reason that I remember this is because she was born on our anniversary, so it is kind of hard to forget. I knew that Kenna would get all excited over Bella having a birthday so I told her that Bella was turning 2. She gave Bella birthday hugs and kisses all day and kept telling her Happy Birthday. She was especially sweet to her all teasing her with her ball or pulling her tail at all. I let Makenna pick out a bone for her at the store and we gave it to her as her present. It was all very cute and sweet.
So happy birthday pup! Though she can drive my hubby nuts sometimes with her high energy levels and tendency to get bored and chew every now and then, she really is a great dog. She wants to please and she is the most gentle dog there is. I never have to worry for one second about her with the kids. And that is the main reason we have a dog. I really like the idea of my children growing up with pets. I think it teaches them responsibility, to have a love for animals and to not be afraid of them. I love seeing my kids running around outside with her. We love you Bella girl...even Daddy does...he just has to pretend like he's tough :)

Don't be surprised if you come into our house and find Kellen running around in this army helmet. He loves the thing! And he is sporting a good drill Sergeant look here as well!
This is what I clean up at least 5-10 times a day....and the kid will spread it through the entire house...this is just the kitchen. I am normally a believe in letting kids play in the Tupperware cabinet but wow, he is pushing the limits.

Kellen continues to learn how to climb. Today he figured out how to get onto the chairs at the dining room table. He looked so big sitting there next to his sissy and sharing her food with her. And another first today, he said "sissy" for the first time. He is now up to 8 words that he can say (mama, dada, dog, diaper, shoe, sock, outside, sissy) happens so fast!
Kenna V.S Costco slice of Cheese Pizza

She insisted upon wearing her mini mouse costume from last year. She wore it almost all day. Makenna isn't normally the type of kid to go out in costume, so I had to snap pictures.
She does however love to draw on her face. She is convinced that she is a cat these days. A good portion of the day is spent with her on her hands and knees following me around meowing. So she decided she needed an authentic cat nose. I would much rather have her drawing on her face than on my walls!

The Luckiest

Yesterday was Todd and my two year anniversary. It is weird to think that we have been married two years. On one hand the time feels like it has flown by. It is so easy to look back and remember dating and our honeymoon and beginning life together. In other ways it feels like it has been Sooo much longer than that (in a good way of course). I feel like we have done so much in two years. And we do have quite an established family for only two years of marriage. But mostly it just feels like we have been together for so much longer.
I feel like such a lucky woman to be loved so much by such an amazing man. And have him want my love in return. He knows how to make me feel so loved and adored. I never doubt his love for me and hope that every day I show him just how much I love him and how much he means to me so that he will never have to doubt my love, devotion and loyalty to him. He has brought happiness into my life that I never thought existed or I could ever deserve. I am so grateful that we were brought together. He compliments me and makes me a better person every day and I hope and pray I do the same for him.
Todd, I love you with all my heart. Thank you....for everything.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And I think to myself...

I am such a lucky woman. Lucky beyond what words can express. Blessed in ways I could list forever. But my most cherished blessing is without a doubt my family. My husband who loves me with all his heart and makes me happy every day. Two beautiful, funny, strong little ones that bring a happiness to my life I never knew was possible. I love the laughter they bring to my life. I love being able to take care of each of them, be there for them, be a shoulder to lean on, someone to wipe their tears, kiss their boo boos, make them laugh when they are trying to be cranky (yes, even Todd is included in each of these). I just feel so overwhelmed by the love I have in my life. And I want to make sure they know just how much they mean to me. I never, not for one moment, want any of them to ever have reason to question just how much I love them. I have been able to fall in love with 3 amazing, incredible people, each in their own way and at their own time. How many people are so lucky? I love you all, with all my heart, forever and beyond! XOXO

This picture just proves how much I love this man...I even loved him (and willingly kissed him) with a beard. If that is not love, I just don't know what is.... ;)
I actually think it was kind of cute...
Like his big sissy, Kellen could stay in this swing all day!!

Priceless Moment:
Mommy in the kitchen, cooking dinner.
Kenna in her room, door shut, playing.
Door opens.
"Oh Mama!"
"Yes, Kenna?"
"Guess What?"
This is what steps around the corner.
I guess girls are just instinctively born with this pucker face when putting on make-up.
Sea of our many trips. It still never gets old...for me or the kids.

He really is growing up so much right now. It's making me sad!
Getting ready to go on the spinning starfish ride. Makenna loves this ride. Kellen loves it until it starts to move. Then he slouches down, sits completely still and stares...with a look that says "I just might throw-up." If I cover his eyes while we are spinning it helps. Am I a mean mom?
Already helping Daddy around the house. Kellen just went and plopped himself down on the ground right next to Dada and leaned it to check out what he was up to. So he helped change the cabinet lock and had a great time doing it. It was a very sweet moment.
Kenna has never been much of a doll kid...until about a week ago. This is "Tato" (like potato). I find the name quite unique. She used to name all dolls "baby doll", so this is quite an improvement. Now Tato goes most everywhere with us.
Just in case she ever wants to know what she would look like with black hair.

Having our nightly nudie time before bath. If we could live in a nudist colony my kids would be thrilled...the love to be free! And now Kellen also likes to climb into his sissy's bed, since he just learned how to do it. Won't she love to see his naked buns on her pillow 10 years from now :)
They may still fight and argue from time to time (I imagine they always will), but they grow closer and closer every day. I am rarely allowed to push Kellen on the swings outside. Makenna feels strongly that it is her job. I love to see this love!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Really? Were Holiday's even fun before having kids? I feel like the joy that comes to me through celebrating the holidays comes so much from watching my kids have fun, get excited and get so caught up in the festivities.
We had a really fun Halloween this year and actually got pretty festive about it. No, I didn't decorate my house, other than throwing up some of Makenna's Halloween art work that she did at preschool. But we did got to a pumpkin patch, go to our ward carnival, attend 2 Halloween parties and spend an hour out on the streets trick-or-treating. It was a ton of fun.
I really think my favorite part was seeing Kenna finally "get it" this year. Last year we did trick-or-treat, and Makenna participated well. But this year you could tell that the concept of it all clicked for her. All day long she kept saying that she "couldn't wait to be Tinkerbell!" As soon as the costume was on and we were ready to hit the streets she was a girl on a mission to get candy. She new that the houses with the lights on were the ones she could score candy from. She would march up to the door, knock and say "trick-or-treating!" when they answered. She was always polite about saying thank you, but then quickly moved onto the next house. Often times she announced "We're big in a hurry! Let's go!" (not 'in a big hurry' but 'Big in a hurry'....I love it!) And a few times, though the house had it's porch light on, no one answered. On those occasions our oh so dramatic daughter would exclaim "Oh No! Now we will never get candy again!"
Kellen did a really good job too. He was very tolerant of getting dressed up. I was equally impressed with Todd who was so agreeable to me putting our son in tights for Halloween. Kellen was occupied at the ward Halloween party by all the balloons, which helped keep his attention on something other than trying to take his hat off. While we trick-or-treated Todd pulled Kellen in the wagon, which Kellen loved! He did run up to a couple of houses, but only because he was getting antsy. He was so happy to sit with a bunch of candy in his hands and show anyone his loot that was willing to see. He knows what candy is. He will hold it and stare at it and smack his lips. Tonight he threw a great tantrum because the candy was sitting in a bucket up on the counter and mommy wouldn't let him hold any. The boy knows what he wants...and he wants chocolate!
We really had a good time this year and it makes me so excited about the rest of the holidays to come this year.

Carving the pumpkin. Makenna picked out the pattern and helped trace it on. She helped with a tiny bit of the carving, but that was it! She didn't want to get her hands dirty :)
Tinker and Peter Pan! Such good buddies!
Mama and the cutest fairy ever!
Kellen, livin' the good life. No one offered to pull me around in a wagon all night...:(

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie....but that was obvious, right? :)
Getting ready for the ward carnival
Kellen just wanted to make sure everyone knew that he tights were not his idea...he was just being cooperative and bribed with candy.
Grammy will probably hate me for this picture, but it was too funny to pass up!
Me with the kiddos and my pathetic attempt to be Wendy. Whatever...the kids had no idea how lame it was, so that's all that matters.
My boys!
Grammy and the pony and her Tinkerbell. Grammy rocks! Kenna kept saying that Grammy was going to be a pony (she came up with it all on her own), so my mom, not wanting to disappoint truly made herself a pony costume! Makenna was thrilled. Let's just wait and see what Makenna decides Grammy will be next year :) She also said that Pa was going to be a muddy pig...HA! Sadly that costume never came to fruition.
And yes, her finger is in her nose.