Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 Christmas got to open a gift from Grammy and Pa. Makenna- Thrilled to get her kitten. Kellen- Sporting his new Spider Man hat.

 It was a big Christmas morning for the McKameys! Kellen and Conner, our early risers, were out first to see what Santa had dragged down the chimney. Somehow he managed to fit a new "big boy bike" for Kellen! 
 Makenna opened her much hoped for bow and arrow....what every little girl wants. Right?
Con is our little builder. Our rough and tough Man's man. And I guess Santa knew that and knew just how appropriate a workbench and tools would be for this little guy. 
 Daddy got his gifts too. And mommy got a gorgeous cashmere sweater from Santa which she is anxious to wear once the threat of baby vomit landing on it has passed.

 A few days after Christmas Grammy and I took the kiddos to the temple. I had promised them we would go there to walk around and see the temple light and the life size nativity. It was a really fun time. Freezing (by san diego standards), but it was gorgeous and was such a nice night, walking around listening to the music and seeing the lights.
 The San Diego Temple will always be a special place for me and for our family. The place where Todd proposed, with Makenna there running around, and we became a family. The place where Todd and I were sealed, a year and a half later and then were sealed to Kellen and Makenna...making us an eternal family. Probably the most important moments of my life have happened in this temple. I hope my children always have a love for it the way that I do.

During Christmas break we took a fun family trip to Sea World. It was still decorated for the season and the older kids had a great time getting to go sledding!

As a kid I was never too thrilled about having my birthday in December (especially seeing my sister have beach and pool parties in the summer). But as I have gotten older I have learned to love it! Especially with Kellen as my son and the way he makes the Christmas season so magical. It is fun to have my birthday thrown in the mix of all the celebrating!

Last birthday in my 20's. It's a bit strange, but nothing to be depressed over. I do have a goal to be in incredible shape when I turn 30. I get an excuse for looking gross this year since I had a 2 month old :) Sometimes babies are nice excuses....
"Happy Birthday to Us...oh, I mean to Mom"
Kellen did a wonderful job, seriously, a Great job at his preschool Christmas singing program. He had been singing the songs all day long for weeks. He was definitely very practiced and prepared. Even though it is the 4th time I have seen this Christmas program it isn't any less cute than the first time. It also made him look really big and grown up being there. We love you Kellen and your cute, adorable, little singing voice.

Carys trying out her bumbo for the first time. Its funny to see them vertical for the first time, and it made the kids absolutely thrilled!

A new tradition for our family is that on the last weekend before Christmas the kids get to sleep out in the living room under the tree. Con was a bit too antsy to participate this year. But Makenna and Kellen (the "big" kids) loved it. It was so cute listening to them talk back and forth until 10:00 and they were too exhausted and finally passed out. And there was something magical about seeing them sleeping next to the twinkling lights of the tree. And after all, Christmas is meant to be a magical time for all.
The family at Church on Christmas Sunday.

Our annual Santa Picture. Too many McKamey's for Santa's lap this year. It seems like every other year we have no tears. But I am sure next year it will be Carys screaming her head off. Conner had me a little worried. He had seen last years picture and seen him crying on Santa's lap and he kept saying "Me cry with ho ho" and seemed very disturbed about it all. But he didn't even hesitate a bit once we were there. The promise of a candy cane was enough to get that boy to hop right up there. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 Months Old

2 Months goes by so fast! Seriously! You blink, and then your newborn is pretty much gone and suddenly you have an official "baby". I think that 2 months is also when you start to see some real personality come out. As Pa calls it, the 'blob' phase sort of ends and suddenly they start to "really" interact. I don't totally agree with Pa, but I understand what he is trying to say.
Right around 2 months old sweet Carys is smiling and cooing. She Loves it when you look right into her eyes and sing to her and smile at her. She just sits, mesmerized and coos right back at you. She is still such an easy going baby. She hates the car and screams her head off pretty much any time we are in it for more than a few minutes. Most kids are soothed to sleep in the car. Not Carys. But that is pretty much the only time that she cries. Other than that she is happy and smiling and content. Despite my many efforts, she has no desire to take a pacifier. But she does love to suck on her hand or her fingers all the time. She is also still a big snuggler and is just the most darling little girl. We love her to pieces.
At her 2 month check up Carys was 10 lbs 7 oz (30%) and 22 inches long (25%). Definitely growing, but also still just a little one. So far she is running pretty true to size with her clothing. Finally out of newborn clothes and wearing 0-3 months. All growth and development is right on track. She has found her hands, she loves to be talked to, she responds to noise and even turns to look for Mama when she hears her voice.

Carys, we love you to pieces!!

I predict that this pouty lip will get her her way a lot!