Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Halloween 2014 from the McKameys

The Dark Side Never Looked so darn cute in all it's life!

Forces to be reckoned with. And I love it!
This girl doesn't go for the princess type costumes. That is not her style. She would much rather be a dragon with a tail and wings. Now That is Makenna!

And if this Minnie Mouse lover didn't go as Minnie Mouse, well, it would have been an abomination. Love this sweet little babe! And I love that her sister wore this just a few years ago!
Trick Or Treat!!

Terrific Two!

 When you are turning 2 and you love Minnie Mouse you are a happy camper with a giant Minnie Mouse Balloon and a few decorations. What 2 year old could ask for more?!
 For this sweeties birthday we had a few friends come over for cake and presents and play time just to celebrate with her at home. Nothing huge but enough to make her feel special and celebrated and happy as can be!

 Happy Birthday to our sweet princess Carys. Who lets us all know exactly how she feel and what she needs all day, ever day. Who knows what it means to be a little lady and knows how to make sure she is treated as such. She is such a joy and so much fun! We are blessed beyond words to have her in our family! We love our little Carys so much!

 On her actual birthday we spent the day at Disneyland, since it was our last days of our passes before they were expired. Couldn't think of a luckier way to spend your day as a 2 year old. It has been so fun taking her to Disneyland over the course of this year. She started it pretty much neutral about it all. Enjoyed the big lights and attractions but it didn't mean a whole lot at 1 year old. But by 2 years old she new exactly what Disneyland was and what it was all about. She got excited and had an opinion about rides and loved watching the parades and shows. So neat to see her grow and mature at such a happy and magical place. 

 So much Birthday Love!

 We ended the night with an awesome waiter who brought our sweet girl a piece of birthday cake, played her happy birthday on his harmonica while she blew out her candle. It brought tears to my sappy mommy eyes! And then on our way out she picked out a nice big Minnie Mouse as her souvenir. Oh, this girl is just too much sometimes. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

 Our year of Disneyland passes came and went so incredibly fast! It is a year of fun and memories that I will never forget. We had so much fun! And I hope that even though the kids are young, some amount of the memory of this year will linger for the kids as well (at least the oldest ones). We made sure to get back a couple more times before our year was through.
 The kids became pin trading professionals. 
 They got spoiled getting to be at Disneyland with their best friends!

 Peter Pan and Captain Hook officially became my favorite real life Characters at Disneyland that I have ever met! They were so funny and had no problem teasing the kids relentlessly!

 Carys got to turn 1 and 2 at Disneyland! What a way to start life with your first two birthdays being at the happiest place on earth!
 We did a lot of bonding....
 And for some of us all of the bonding was quite exhausting.
 It was a year that I will be forever grateful for! Until we meet again Mickey!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sensational Six!

 This cute boy woke up on his 6th birthday and went to find his balloons in his room and his presents on the table (as per tradition). All smiles for his special day! This boy brings so much happiness into our family! He is such a good boy with a huge heart and thoughtful and wise beyond his years. Watching him grown and learn and become his own little person is incredible. He is smart as can be. Learning comes natural to him and he does so good in school without much of a struggle at all. He is full of life and smiles. He still holds his mama's hand, which she is grateful for more than he knows! We love you Kellen boy and are so lucky you are ours!
 As it turned out with Sarah being in town and his birthday being on a Saturday, we ended up having a big get together with Grammy's side of the family that day too. But that didn't stop us from celebrating this boy. 
 A nice big chocolate cake and pool party with all the cousins! So fun!

 When we got home we let Kellen open one of his gifts before dinner. He got an Awesome hot wheels track that he had been dying for. We all went into the room and built the track together. If you look closely at the pick below, Kellen was a bit less than happy to have all his siblings in the room with him for the tracks first run. 

 But once I kicked them all out he was all smiles. I get it. When you have a big family sometimes you just want a little space and alone time to enjoy something yourself. This boy is normally the quickest to give and share, so a little request for special time is fair enough! Especially on your birthday!
 All smiles with his card, stickers and his $6 from Grandma and Grandpa for his 6th birthday!

 What boy doesn't die for a remote control car?!
And what cute almost 2 year old little girl doesn't LOVE chocolate cake!!
 A few weeks later this lucky boy got to have his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with his best friend Joseph! We invited a bunch of his friends from class and a few from church. The boys had so much fun! 
 Dad and Mom with the handsome birthday boy!
 You always hope and pray that your child will find a friend that compliments them, that is a good kid and the kind of person you want your child to turn to and lean on. I am so grateful and lucky that Kellen and Joseph have each other. I know that they are young and that friendships will change and grow. But no matter what happens with their friendship, whether they stay best friends for life or grow apart a bit and make new friends as they get older, I will always love and be grateful for this friend he had as a child!