Thursday, September 17, 2015

 As our final activity us adults were able to leave the kiddos at home with a sitter and go zip lining as a double date! Oh my gosh it was amazing! I have never done anything like that and it was great. So much fun and the perfect way to end what was a great adventure the whole week up there.
 So much of my time with my sister is now spent trying to entertain kids together. So it was a blast to be out with her just playing and having fun together! And just for the record, on the zip line where we got to race each other I TOTALLY worked her!

 I wish I could put into words just how much fun this trip was and how close we all grew together throughout it! 

 One moment that will never be forgotten.....Kip laying down and doing the Angry Walrus dismount on the final zip line. 

 On the way back home Kellen talked....literally non stop, almost the entire way back! For such an introverted kid at times he can certainly be one that has a lot to say. I know that for Kellen this was a trip that he had anticipated for an entire year. This smile just sums up the fun he had!
And if you asked Carys what she thought about driving to and from Idaho (or as she would call it  "hi-ho") "It's hard work!"
Amen little sister. But so worth it. Until next time!

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